The Darling Amy Hood Talks About New Movie Promiscuities

The darling Amy Hood is starring in this dope new film Promiscuities available to watch online by Jonathan Leder. We chatted with Amy about the movie and if her role as Diane bares any similarities to her own life. Also check out the trailer below!


How did the idea for this film come about?
Promiscuities is an original story written by myself and Jonathan Leder. We began outlining the idea of Promiscuities back in January of this year, shortly after we published Fetishisms Volume 1. We began to think about a way to bring some of the psychological concepts we had been exploring to life in the context of a narrative film people could enjoy. Screenwriting and the storyʼs concept really began to develop in February , and we started filming in March. By the end of April, editing started, and really the film progressed simultaneously – that is writing, editing, and filming continued evolving even through August. The film is based on some true stories, some fiction, some personal influences, which we really developed over those six months. A lot of time and research went into making this film, and I think if you watch the film, you will feel all of these textured and layered concepts being presented.

Are you promiscuous with your partners?
Actually, not at all and I never really have been. The concept of my characterʼs promiscuity was very foreign to me.

How is life living living in Woodstock?
Woodstock is a beautiful place with a long creative history and the pace of life here is conducive to focusing on oneʼs work.

How did you guys cast the film?
We were really fortunate to find a cast that was so talented, enthusiastic and supportive, most of whom we had prior relationships with.


5 Tips for the Best Sex Ever
1 Chemistry.
2 Size. You know how they say size doesnʼt matter…well I donʼt exactly agree with that.
3 Spontaneity. Keeps it exciting
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5 Love: sex with you someone love is the best kind.

Do we all have a bit of Diane in us?
Yes…and no. Do we all long for forbidden things? Yes. Do we all have desires? Yes. But have we all been traumatically abused throughout childhood by our mothers? Maybe not.

What is you favorite scene in the film?
The “electroshock therapy” was really funny and fun, we did that with the lovely Miss Rachel Daily, also the VHS footage in the black lingerie after Diane has really lost her mind was intense, challenging, and fun to do.

Can you tell me about your character in the film?
My character is Diane, a young woman who has had some terribly traumatic experiences throughout her life especially during her early childhood. These problems primarily manifest themselves through her sexual psychosis, however, she has other very apparent psychological issues as well. Her dependency on prescription pills, alcohol, delusions, anger, fear, extreme self consciousness, a desperate need for love and affection, and dangerous self destructive tendencies. All of which are propelled and encouraged by her sadistic doctor.


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