Girls Confess The Craziest Things They’ve Found In Their Boo’s Phones

You know what they say: if you feel the need to look through your bae’s phone, you should just stop snooping and dump his ass.

But, alas, sometimes we convince ourselves that we’re just being “crazy” (wonder where we got that idea), and tell ourselves that we’ll just look real quick to clear our minds.

Unfortunately, sometimes what you find is even worse than what you suspected.

Here are some seriously insane stories about girls who snooped — or accidentally came across something — and it was way worse than the typical “cheating” assumption.

1. This Is Honestly A Horror Movie

“[My] ex went on a business trip to Mexico. No big deal. He had come and went many times. Anyways, I’m going through his suitcase for dirty clothes to wash when a letter falls out. I pick up the letter, slightly intrigued but not really expecting anything shocking.

“I unfold it slowly. It was a yellow piece of paper, sealed with a teddy bear sticker. Now I was starting to get worried. It was a letter from a chick, in Spanish, thanking him for an awesome weekend and telling him how much she loved him and how much she was going to miss him while he was gone.

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“The fucking clincher?! The snapshot of a baby that was inside of the folded up letter, with “Jr. Will Miss You” scrawled across the back. Worst thing I’ve ever found, hands down.” – Anonapotomous

Holy f*ck. We wish we could’ve been there to see how she greeted her boo when he came home.

2. Interesting Approach

“I found a Facebook message saying I ‘wasn’t good enough for him’ to a female friend I hadn’t met yet. It actually inspired me to quit being such an asshole (I wasn’t exactly an awesome GF at the time) and we stayed together. I never mentioned it.” – ladyoflemongrab

Ugh, that’s a major no-no of female-male platonic friendships. You can’t complain about your boo to your straight friend of the opposite sex!

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3. He Sure Wasn’t

“He had given me his e-mail password to obtain a password change for our shared PayPal account. Right there on the first page of the inbox were a bunch of recent sexually explicit messages from several other women. We’re divorced. He was not a smart man.” – motorcityvicki


4. Cougar Hunting

“He was responding to Craigslist ads for married couples looking for a third sex partner. We were both juniors in high school.” – kacquist

Would love to know how that panned out for him?

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5. And Now He’s In Jail

“I was using his laptop to check some emails and then I found mountains and mountains of [child porn] in his ‘documents’ folder. I guess he didn’t think anyone would ever look through his computer. I recognized the little girl; he used to babysit her. I [contacted the police]. He is in prison now.” – dickmissiles

Nothing to really say about this one… good thing she reported him.

6. He’s Got Another Internet GF

“I told my ex about a personal incident of possible sex abuse (I was young), and during a fit of jealousy, I read one of his chat logs where he very casually told a former internet fling about it. At the time, he was the only person I’d ever told about it and I couldn’t stop crying at his betrayal. I also found lots of photos of that internet fling, sucking on dildos/buttplugs in gif form, and put on a ‘Foo Fighters’ song on his computer that turned out to be an mp3 she’d made of her masturbating.” – mols

Hope he has fun with his internet girlfriend after you left his ass! Maybe he can get a pocket pussy and pretend it’s her?

7. Collecting V-Cards

“We were pulled over and he was in the process of being arrested for driving with a suspended license, unknown to me before this event. So in a moment of angry-girlfriend-rage, I looked through his phone because fuck him, he could be hiding other stuff from me. [I found a message from a girl that said], ‘Well, at least I’m not a virgin anymore :).’ [His response?] ‘Don’t worry baby, it won’t hurt as much next time :).’ He was always so considerate.” – ThosePeaches

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Ewww I really hope you guys were young when this happened and he wasn’t picking up teen virgins. Although either way, fuck him.

8. Indecent Proposal

“I had a boyfriend who used to travel a lot outside the country. So one day some mutual friend asks me if he’s been checking his mail ’cause he hasn’t got an answer yet. When he tells me the email address to check if it’s right, I realize that I do not know that one. I figured out his password (the same he used for everything) and I start checking the emails and find a lot from a girl, so yeah, he was cheating on me. He even proposed to the other girl but she said no. Worst thing? This happened for over a year. I even helped him to pay phone bills (international calls, of course, very expensive) ’cause he told me he was talking to some friends. I broke up with him on the phone because he was somewhere in Europe. He cried and begged me to wait for him to return and all the shit, but Hell no.” – QueenOfDunces

Why. Are. Guys. Such. Psychopaths.

9. Desperate To Be a Dad

“I found out he got another girl pregnant. I looked through his phone because I suspected he was sleeping with another girl, and I found a text from her that said she was ‘four weeks along.’ Somehow he convinced me that I misread and that she was pregnant with someone else’s baby. This was a few short weeks after he came in me when we had previously agreed he would pull out. So, my only assumption is he wanted a baby at whatever cost? Thanks to Instagram, I can now see that he has a baby and it’s hers.” – Gigi

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