The Courtneys: On Keanu Reeves’ Best Movie

The Courtneys are a ’90s dream, with their love of Keanu Reeves and choker necklaces, and we just can’t get enough of their quick-witted garage-rock songs. With a Tegan & Sara tour under their belts and a new 7″ – the sky is the limit for these girls (ironically not all named Courtney). We chatted about The Matrix, Mac Demarco and their dream “Delivery Boy”.

by: Shannon Kurlander

[Photo by: Andrew Volk]

What’s your favorite Keanu Reeves movie and why?
COURTNEY: The Matrix because this was Keanu’s best look/ hair era. Really dig the buzz cut.
JEN: Definitely The Matrix. Especially in the scenes on the Nebuchadnezzar where he is wearing that ratty grey sweater, and Courtney is right about the buzz cut.


Tell us about your hometown (Vancouver)- what are some of your favorite spots and are you friends with other local bands?
JEN: I like Vancouver for the same reason that I like that Matrix. As much as I hate the rain, there is a cool dystopian future vibe I get during the winter here. My favorite building is BC place (our football stadium). I live a couple blocks away from it, and it looks crazy and lights up in neat colors at night. My favorite place to eat is Kintaro Ramen. We are friends with lots of local bands, I don’t wanna try to list them for fear of missing someone.
COURTNEY: Vancouver has a big music scene and we are friends with lots of bands here yeah – too many to list! Wreck Beach is my favorite summer spot and Cypress Mountain is really amazing in the winter. There are several mountains but that one is just convenient for me. We spend a lot of time at the Robert Lee YMCA downtown, they have a really nice pool and fitness centre and whatnot. We usually go there after band practice. My favorite bar is called The Comox and its a sort of unknown little nugget in the West End. The Black Lodge is a pretty sweet little bar too and it’s Twin Peaks themed.

How did The Courtneys come to be?
COURTNEY: I met Jen for the first time at a Makeout Videotape/ Sean Savage show in Vancouver about 5 years ago. She was playing drums for Mac and I was like “WHO is this cool girl??” We became friends and starting jamming, and then Jen knew Sydney from their previous band together called Puberty, so Jen invited Sydney to jam with us and it was quite magical.
JEN: Awww, you thought I was cool!

What are your favorite ’90s fads?

JEN: Right now I’m getting really into choker necklaces. I recently found a replica of a velvet one I owned in the 90s.
COURTNEY: Pogs…I have a really sick Pog collection still. Waiting patiently for the revival so I can have someone to play with 🙂


What have been some of the highlights of touring with Tegan and Sara?
COURTNEY: Eating pizza on the crew bus, impromptu dressing room champagne parties, and soccer battles with Adam Christgau.

My favorite song is “Delivery Boy”. If you could have your celeb crush be your delivery boy: who would it be and what would they bring you?
JEN: Oh this is tough, and the answer is always changing depending on when you ask me. Since I just finished watching all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights, I’d have to say Matt Lauria delivering me a pizza.

Tell us about your new Mars Attacks 7″
COURTNEY: This version of our song Mars Attacks features a rap cameo from Young Braised, a pal of ours here. And the B side is a remix by Bobby Draino, another pal. Hockey Dad Records is putting it out and they did a beautiful job – the vinyl comes in 3 different colors and the sleeve design is really cool. We are ultra stoked.
JEN: It’s groundbreaking. Think “Kool Thing” by Sonic Youth featuring Chuck D.

What’s next for The Courtneys…?
JEN: I am hoping to convince Courtney and Sydney to write a Christmas song!
COURTNEY: We just got a real nice new jam space we are really stoked on…it’s heated! Our last jam space was pretty much a refrigeration unit and the one before that had mushrooms growing on the wall so we are very excited. Probably spend a lot of time in there over the next few months and write some new songs.

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