Rihanna Leaves Us More Clues To Her New Album

It’s been three years since Rihanna released Unapologetic, and her fans are getting anxious.  And by that, I mean the world is getting anxious, because let’s be real, we’re all Rihanna fans.  The good news?  Anti, Rihanna’s newest album, is coming.  If you follow Rihanna on Instagram, then you know that ANTI diary, a mysterious website that promises to unlock all the keys to Rihanna’s latest album is launched and ready to tell us everything (maybe even by this Friday, as some sources swear it is).  The bad news?  So far, ANTI diary raises more questions than it answers.


Here’s what we do know so far:

If you don’t have a cell phone, you should just forget about it.  

Since ANTI diary is brought to you by the good folks at Samsung, who are reportedly paying Rihanna $25 million for her album and subsequent world tour, it’s accessible exclusively though your mobile device.  Good luck trying to forget that Samsung is behind ANTI diary, because their name is at the top righthand corner of literally every second of your experience. 

ANTI diary will explain the mystery of the girl in a Braille crown

If you watched the American Music Awards last night/follow Rihanna on Instagram, then you’re aware of ANTI diary’s mysterious teaser featuring a clip of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” and a girl with a Braille crown over her eyes. 

The mystery begins with “R1”, the bedroom:

The coolest thing about ANTI diary so far, is that it offers you a panoramic view of the spaces it invites you to.  By shifting the angle of your phone, you can actually look around the room.  First up, an empty bedroom with a creepy rocking horse off of a dark hallway that presumably leads to the next chapter of the mystery. 



In order to get to the next chapter, you have to find the key:

Certain items in “R1” scan, which take you to more videos of the room that once again feature the mysterious girl in the Braille crown, who we can only assume is a stand-in for Rihanna.  The videos also feature two gloomy, but adorable toddlers.  So far, the videos haven’t revealed anything, but by clicking on the cell phone on the bed, you’re invited to visit an Instagram account called “iamthekeyholder” which features crude drawings of the aforementioned Braille girl around various locations who corresponding cities are geotagged in each post.



If you watch all the videos, you know that the little boy toddler is the one who’s supposedly drawing these crude figures, but it’s unclear what, if any significance that has for the real world yet. 

Antidiary has 8 chapters, and the last one is called “Anti Bedroom”:

There’s an ongoing theory that chapters R1-R8 correspond with Rihanna’s discography.  Seeing as Rihanna’s legion of fans, whom she calls the Navy, have referred to Anti as R8 for over a year now, this theory makes sense to me. 


What’s in the other rooms? Who will find the first key?  And what glorious surprises about Rihanna’s newest album will we receive along the way? 

Visit Antidiary to solve the mystery, but if you find anything out, be sure to share it with us first.

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