The Clones Are Dreaming Of Rihanna (Aren’t We All)

We just found 2015’s “Happy”; it’s called “Chasing The Sun”. This new track by The Clones inspires people to chase after their dreams aided by an insanely catchy tune. Good luck getting this one out of your head. We caught up with the L.A. duo to talk about their upcoming EP, what they love in a woman and dream collaborations (we’re not the only ones dreaming about Ri Ri).

Galore - The Clones - Chasing The Sun

Your debut song, “Chasing The Sun” is so damn catchy. Tell us, do you have a new album coming out!?
Freedom: We just recorded the whole EP. We’re just doing a few more records but the new album will be called DNA. We’ll probably bring that out in the next month or so.

Speaking of catchy songs – what jams are currently stuck in your head?
Milla: I like all different types of music. I really like a lot of stuff Sam Smith has put out lately. Of course, I think the most catchy song in the past year is “Happy” by Pharrell. That song transcended everything…

What makes a girl a ‘fly click’? What qualities make a girl truly sexy to you?
Freedom: Anyone that is ambitious and is a go-getter that can stand on their own two feet before needing a man to help them out is very sexy.
Milla: More than looks or body type, I respect a woman that’s wise. A woman that has a vision for her life and where she sees herself going. I think that’s the sexiest thing. Somebody that you’re attracted to but she definitely has to be wise.
Freedom: I’m sure you’ve heard the stereotypes in L.A. but a lot of the girls are freeloaders. It’s very attractive when you have someone who is smart and gets things that can be a partner with you rather than someone you have to support.

It’s a Thursday night – how would you show us how The Clones party?
Milla: We’re definitely going to turn it all the way up. There will probably be 150 of our closest friends. There will probably be a party bus involved…you’ll have the time of your life. Just like we displayed in “Chasing The Sun”, we want to be able to enjoy everything to the fullest. We want to look back on these years and say we did all we could to have good times and positive times.

What would be your dream collaboration if you could bring someone else on your new EP?
Milla: I would want to collaborate with the likes of Lauryn Hill, Kanye West and Jay-Z.
Freedom: Nowadays, Rihanna. She would be amazing to collaborate with.

Galore - Rihanna - The Clones

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