The Bombshells That Led Up To Lana

Every woman wants to be a bombshell. Those inspiring, badass women with a certain air of mystery about them. Some of the most fabulous women in history have been called them but only a few have become true icons of the moniker. So here is a tribute to those iconic women who led up to our current bombshell covergirl.

Marilyn Monroe

Because you can’t mention bombshells without mentioning the queen of them all. Marilyn had it all, the look, the sex appeal and that effortlessness that marks all women as true sex bombs.

Jane Birkin

That foxy fringe. Those cat like baby blues. That confident, French cool. Oh my!

Brigitte Bardot

The ultimate pinup model. A Guess girl before there even were Guess girls. Model, actress, singer, seductress. Is there anything that Brigitte couldn’t do? Not likely, and that is the essence of the ultimate bombshell.

Elizabeth Taylor

In her hey day, Elizabeth Taylor was all class, jet black hair and aquamarine eyes. She had that essence and essential self confidence about her that made women respect her and men fall on their knees. If there is one icon that is also a true female role model, it is Elizabeth Taylor.

Brooke Shields

The little Lolita of the bombshells, Brooke has been a babe since she was 14 years old and in full control of her female power for at least that long. Even today she is nothing if not a bombshell icon.

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