The Blonds Are Here, Queer, And Just Stole Fashion Week

I’ve heard it said that blondes have more fun, but The Blonds have the most fun.

Even if you don’t know The Blonds by name, you know their designs.

They created two of Miley Cyrus‘s most iconic looks from her Bangerz tour:


Made sure that everybody in the room was looking at Beyonce‘s breasts:


And they’re one of Queen Nicki‘s go-to designers:


And last night, this glitzy duo stole New York Fashion Week, giving life to every man, woman and drag queen lucky enough to have seen it all go down.

As per tradition, Phillipe Blond started off the show, walking down the runway dressed in a head-to-toe golden catsuit with plenty of embellishments.


Andrea Adriani /Imaxtree

Then we had one of the evening’s most inspired pieces: a shiny gold mini dress, with spikes on the hips and a zipper down the front.  Kudos to the pop star who claims this dress as her own.


Stylewylde // Instagram

Followed by a dress that practically screams out Katy Perry:


Divo MGMT // Instagram

Next there was a golden leotard that looked even better up close:


Followed by a shinier than thou black, zipper-clad mini with what appears to be a seatbelt around the waist.


Versus And Co // Instagram

While the seatbelt-style belt isn’t exactly completing the Las Vegas Eleganza fantasy, this gold and black long-sleeved leotard is a triumph.


Fashion Stock TV // Instagram

But who the hell even knows what was going through their minds when they designed this lemon shrink rap ensemble:


Andrea Adriani /Imaxtree

Honestly though, as soon as I saw this winged bra, I was ready to forgive them.  The sight of this golden relic  is enough to make an atheist like me believe in God:


Andrea Adriani /Imaxtree

While this golden, shoulder-pad bearing mini represents the future babe I hope to someday become:


Andrea Adriani /Imaxtree

But I think we can all agree that this jacket is everything:


Andrew Werner // Instagram

And, just to be safe, let’s admire it from as close as we’ll ever get to such a level of perfection:


Fashion Stock TV // Instagram

Like I said before, The Blonds stole New York Fashion Week.  I rest my case.


Gio Staiano // NOWFASHION





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