The Bieb’s Newest Videotaped Mistake


Surprise! Justin Bieber, known sex symbol and miscreant, made another mistake that somebody caught on video this weekend. Just when you thought he was ready to turn over a new leaf too.

Joining Ariana Grande, the pint-sized diva who reportedly likes to be carried around like a baby (remember: babies have more fun), at the Miami stop of her Honeymoon Tour, the Biebs surprised fans by completely forgetting the majority of the words to Grande’s hit duet “Love Me Harder.”

After the song finished, Justin apologized to Grande onstage, telling her, “I forgot the words, Ariana.”  “No shit, Justin,” Ariana would have replied, had she not been onstage surrounded by hundreds of adoring fans.  Sometimes being a celebrity is like, suuuuuuch a buzzkill.

While it’s too late for Grande to R.S.V.P. to be a part of Justin’s Comedy Central Roast, you can bet that she’ll be watching Bieber get his tonight.  Never cross a diva, Justin.

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