The Best Way To Work Your Body? Lexy Panterra Says “Twerk It Out”!

“Some people can, and some people can’t,” is a common misconception when it comes to the bootylicious dance known as the twerk. Or maybe you’ve heard— “Do those girls have an extra joint in their lower back? You can’t do that dance with a flat caboose!”And they’re excuses that stop people from achieving their potential, but one woman has proven that anyone can twerk. The best part is, you can get a full body workout while doing it. Lexy Panterra might spend her days singing her heart out and recording an EP, riding dirtbikes or chilling with her family, but she moonlights as twerk master and creator of the LexTwerkOut workout routines. Panterra’s app and YouTube videos break down the moves that prove anyone (literally, anyone) can booty bump. And she gives them a new cardio spin that shows you don’t need anything to get your sweat on. Oh, and she includes some awesome workout mixes).  Below, Panterra gave us a preview of her twerkalicious routine: head to her YouTube channel to try it out!

Finding The Moves: Anyone can twerk but it takes time and practice ! The lextwerkout workout consists of twerking but all the moves you can do without twerking involved although it does make things way more fun and interesting. When you learn the moves, it makes you feel more confident .

Becoming A Master: I think I may have mastered the seated twerk, but I always end up finding new moves. Well first download the lextwerkout app! On the app you will learn from videos breaking down all the moves. And for two, visit my YouTube channel to get a little more creative. But definitely try and get loose and don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone!

Be Yourself: I want people to be creative and find out interesting moves and dances they like and incorporate them.  It makes things different then your average “twerk”.

Use The Whole Body: I have created floor moves mid range and standing workouts so you will be able to workout the whole body: it’s amazing! It’s almost like your typical “workout,” except we add twerking to make it fun.

Stay Active: I once hated working out. I’ve always been active by dancing or playing basketball or cheerleading but I’ve always loved dancing the most. And that’s why I’m so happy to teach, and I came up with this idea because it makes me actually want to workout and stay in shape.

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