The Best Sex In Your Relationship Comes After This…

I can’t speak for everyone in a relationship, but I think we can all generally agree that relationship sex is better than casual sex. Casual sex may seem like a blast initially, you envision sex with a variety of partners whilst remaining with a lack of responsibility…Unfortunately, 9 times out of 10 ten you end up with some okay-looking guy who doesn’t even know where your clitoris is. However, fucking the same person constantly can also become routine and boring, so where’s the middle ground? When do you think you have the “best sex ever?” After you finally get him to say the “L” word? After you finally go on the pill and he can fuck you sans condom? After you meet his parents and proceed to ride him in his childhood bedroom? Nope, a new study says that your relationships sexual peak happens approximately a year into the relationship.

A year? Damn. Maybe it’s just me, but in our current dating culture, it doesn’t seem like most of us stick with the same partner for a whole year. So is that why we’re not all having mind-blowing sex? Maybe…but maybe not. Although the study did conclude that a relationship’s best sex happens after a year, it also showed that after that one year milestone, things start to go downhill. Maybe you guys get into a sexual rut, or maybe your boo gains 15 pounds post-undergrad, who knows. But it isn’t really that the sex gets worse, it’s just that it doesn’t get better (because you really needed another reason to stay away from relationships). Either way, the researchers explain that the first year of your relationship is the stage in which two partners slowly but surely learn what the other one likes. While it seems like you could just make a Pinterest board of your favorite sex positions, I’m sure you’ve realized by now that it can be difficult to find exactly what makes someone go crazy in bed (especially a girl). It can be equally as difficult to tell somebody exactly what you like in bed. Sometimes, us girls don’t even know what we like, so it makes sense that a guy needs a full year to figure it out.

If you’re in a relationship and worried that the sex isn’t what it should be, maybe you need to take some tips for telling your partner what to do next time you crawl into bed together. If you’re having bomb sex and worried that it’s going to lose its novelty after a year? Just remember that there a million single girls who wish that they have the constant sex that you have. And if you’re a perpetually single chick who can’t imagine being with your current boy toy for an entire year? Join the club, we’ve got jackets.

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