The Best Responses to Catcalling

Living in New York City, you can’t go even a day without some creepy (usually old) guy saying something that makes you uncomfortable, pissed off or scared. Normally, you walk by and just try to ignore it, allowing yourself to seethe in silence for the rest of your day. But sometimes, your anger just boils over and you have to say something. PSA: Only attempt in broad daylight and in crowded areas.

“Loving those legs girl!”

Our Response: “All the better to kick you in the empty space where your dick should be!”

“So Sexy”

Our Response: “Imma let you finish but Beyonce had the sexiest body of all time!”

“You wanna come over here with me girl?”

Our Response: “I can’t, I’m eating cinnamon rolls”

“I like the way you look in those shorts”

Our Response: “Thanks their my dads!”

Creepy Kissy Noises

Our Response: Vomit on him

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