The Best (But Probably The Worst) Kinds Of Men On The Beloved Tinder

Tinder has quickly become one of the top favorite social media apps. The less exclusive version of Grinder. The lazy man’s dating site. So simple, so innovative, one glance at their photo and it’s swipe left for ugly, swipe right for hot. The reason why Tinder is as entertaining as it is though has more to do with the population of men who you come across while sweeping through its rolodex. Here are some of our favorite types of men who we are forever coming across on our adventures in Tinderland.

The Selfie King
Why do men think that they are most attractive when posing alone in a dingy bathroom with a somber expression on their faces? Boys, you can get more creative than that.

The Ladie’s Man
There seems to be a great deal of unattractive men on tinder who think that posing next to a hot girl makes them seem hotter. News flash guys: It doesn’t.

The Possible Alcoholic
Do the men on Tinder think that their only way of proving that they are fun is if every one of their pictures includes a drink? Dude, one thing that isn’t fun is cleaning up your vomit after your 30th beer, because that’s the image that your giving out when you feel the need to boast about your drinking habits.

The Anonymous Suitor
You know what’s worrisome? When there are no pictures of you on your profile. None. Swipe left.

The Muscle Man
Even more embarrassing than the selfie king is the muscle man. The guy who not only poses alone in his bathroom with a somber expression but does it sans shirt on. Nice abs though.

The Aspiring Model
Those guys who post headshots of themselves on Tinder. Enough said.


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