The Balmain x H&M Collection Is Already Sold Out And Selling For Double On Ebay

Well, it’s official. After little over an hour since the much-heralded Balmain x H&M collaboration hit the web, the collection is already completely sold out. Sorry, but unless you woke up early this morning, you won’t be getting the chance to live out your dream of dressing exactly like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid or Jourdan Dunn anytime soon. The good news? Your bank account won’t be completely depleted.

While much has been said of the affordability of the Balmain x H&M collaboration, with price tags ranging from $99 (for a miniscule skirt that promises to barely cover your vagina) to the $599 dress that Kendall wears in the advertisement above, their promise of cheap clothing is pretty questionable.


Not that that stopped hundreds of shoppers across the world from spending their Wednesday night waiting in line for the chance to be let into select H&M stores in groups of 30 starting at 8AM.  If this sounds kind of crazy to you now, just wait until you see how crazy things actually got.

In Manchester, there was literally a stampede of people, racing for their chance to snag the collection of their dreams.  In Korea, fans of the collaboration started lining up last Tuesday.  And things got so crazy in London that riot police had to be called in to mediate the situation.  Compared to all that, things in New York were relatively tame.  For once, the city with topless women running rampant in Times Square is the model of order and civility.

Still, if the chance to be a part of Olivier Rousteing’s #HMBALMAINATION is your dream in life, you do have a backup option: pay twice as much for the clothes on Ebay. Remember that dress that was $599? Yeah, well now it’s $1,2999.99, so think long and hard about how much dressing like your favorite celebrities will cost you.


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