Sounds Like The Worst First Date Ever

After a season of The Bachelor that included a farmer, two virgins, and a whole lot of drunken messes (the beginning of a dirty joke if we’ve ever heard one), the season came to a close last night with (spoiler) bachelor Chris Soules deciding to ride off into the sunset with Whitney Bischoff. But the thrills don’t end there.

In a twist on the long-running tradition in which the following season of The Bachelorette would feature one of the spurned lovers now being the belle of the ball, ABC decided to switch it up on the basics. Kaitlyn Bristow and Britt Nilsson are going to be first ever co-Bachelorettes in the history of the reality show. Both women will be wooed by 25 men who then pick which of the women they want, or the two girls pick which of the 25 men they want, or…..something like that. Two girls, 25 guys, a house full of cameras, and all the alcohol anyone on national television could want. Sounds like a party, or hell, whichever. The new season drops May 18.


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