The Babes Of Game Of Thrones

The women of Game of Thrones are fierce, feisty, beautiful and brave. Truly the feminists of their era, living in a society where men are in power, but these beauties never let that stop them from running the race to rule the seven kingdoms. These women act like badasses- and dress like it too. Here the fiercest and most fashionable ladies on Game of Thrones.

Daenerys has made a fashion and character revolution since we first saw her in season 1. Back then she was just an exiled princess dressed in a pretty pink frock. Now she is a badass warrior leading an army of dragons and unics dressed to the nines in a low cut denim tunic and fitted slacks. Don’t mess with the Khaleesi.

Sexy and a bit conniving, the cat eyed beauty will stop at nothing to sit the iron throne. She has a murderous grandmother and cleavage to kill for. Her bosom bearing dresses certainly accentuate it! Watch the throne- if you can keep your eyes off those tits.

She has certainly engaged in some very un-queenly behavior. Everything from f***ing her twin to poisoning her husband. But that hasn’t stopped her from dressing the part of the royal matriarch. Her floor length bell sleeves and shoulder bearing gowns are everything a Queen of King’s Landing could want. Just don’t mess with her lion cubs.

One who has really surprised us since her humble beginnings as a prostitute. She has managed to make her way to the royal palace and into the bed of the Master of Coin. Her flowy, rose colored dresses are innocent enough but something tells us this savvy sweetheart is anything but. Don’t count her out of the Game of Thrones yet.

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