The 6 Types of Dudes to Avoid on Dating Apps

Ah, Tinder, a blessing and a curse. On one hand it’s so nice to be able to merely swipe left and never see a guy you’re uninterested in again, on the other hand, sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s a colossal douchebag and who isn’t because, well, all you get to see is the guy’s face. No fear, we’re here to help you out. Based on their photos and profiles alone, these are the 6 types of dudes you should always swipe left on when it comes to dating apps.

1. The dude who’s holding a fish in his profile picture. 

Want to hear a really long story about hunting deer and catching a “huge” fish that seemingly goes on for the rest of your life? No? Didn’t think so. The Dude Who’s Holding A Fish is the type of guy you might stumble across on Tinder in North Florida. I know, because that’s where I’m from. He’s really into hunting and guns, and his favorite thing to wear is camo, but not in the cool, trendy way that Bape made popular. More like in the he shows up head to toe in duck camo on your first date kind of way.

2. The dude who is clearly lying about his age.

His profile says he is 23 but he’s got a full head of gray hair and he looks like he probably retired about five years ago. If he is outright lying about his age, then chances are he’s going to be lying about a whole plethora of other things. Don’t try and make him your sugar daddy either. If he hasn’t realized that he can capitalize on his rich man silver fox status, chances are he’s not rich or smart enough to be your zaddy. Pass.

3. The dude who has multiple people in his profile picture. 

Which one is he? You’ll never know because he’s skillfully only chosen photos that have multiple people in them to purposely confuse you into going on a date with him. You thought he was the hot one who didn’t have frosted tips and a popped collar? HA! You thought wrong. Skip this dude because even if he ends up being decently good looking, his shady deception tactics are highly suspect at the very least.

4. The dude whose profile bio is “I’m a nice guy”. 

This guy is one of two things. Either he’s the type of guy who thinks that as long as he remains base line polite to women, he deserves to sleep with you, or he’s the type of guy who is so uninformed about what the term “Nice Guy” has come to mean in the past few years, that he really isn’t worth your time. Either way, better safe than sorry.

5. The dude who self describes as a “player”.

Are we still in 8th grade? Any guy who feels the need to suggest that he enjoys deceiving multiple women at once openly is someone who needs to be avoided at all costs.

6. The dude who’s wearing a confederate flag shirt. 

Best case scenario, he has really bad taste and a shitty sense of what’s “ironic”. Worst case scenario, he’s a racist neo nazi. Both scenarios are bad so we probably don’t even need to tell you that you should be swiping left as fast as humanly possible.

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