6 Of The Best Compliments To Give Your Dude

While we are working towards equality among both sexes, we can’t pretend that men and women aren’t different. While you may love being called “tiny,” your boyfriend may not take it quite as well. Sometimes, the words we say aren’t the words that he wants to hear, and vice versa. Additionally, men love a good compliment just like women do. Redditors shared the best things that girls have ever said to them, and we’ve laid out some noteworthy ones for you to keep in mind for future reference:

1. After some dumb drunk girl accused me of flirting with her, my then-girlfriend said “Just so you know, I’m definitely going to take your word over some girl I don’t know.” Stuck with me ever since. I miss that level of trust.

While guys like knowing that they can make you jealous, being crazy jealous isn’t sexy. Being trusting is. Just like you would appreciate a guy who lets you go have a girls night without hassling you, your dude wants the same. After all, if you can’t trust your man, why are you even with him?

2. You’re Adorable

This can totally depend on the dude you’re talking to. Some guys, (particularly the ones who want to be manly men), can take this as a blow to their masculinity. However, it all goes back to who you’re talking to. If it’s your boyfriend, fuck buddy, or someone you’ve been hooking up with, guys are down to be called adorable/cute. However, if it’s your guy friend who you’re shoving into the friend zone? He probably doesn’t want to be called adorable, it just solidifies the fact that you see him as a little brother rather than Prince Charming.

3. Your Dick is Big

I’m sure this wasn’t a surprise to anyone. Until guys have children, they treat their dick as their child. They care for it, make decisions based on its best interest, and wield it with pride and joy. If you praise his dick too, he’ll probably love you. But, if your dude is tiny and you are trying to compliment him, don’t use this shit, he’s gonna know you’re faking it.

4. You Make Me Feel Protected

Even though you’re probably an independent woman that don’t need no man, men like to feel that they’re protecting you. No matter how strong you are, it’s always nice to have a guy that will walk you home or step up to fight creepy dudes at the bar for you. Calling out your man’s ability to protect you makes him feel useful and manly, a winning combo in the eyes of most dudes.

5. You Fuck Like a Greek God

Sex compliments? Good. Sex compliments with visual metaphors? Even better. Although I don’t think any of us can comment on what exactly fucking Zeus would be like, images of Hercules are coming to my head and I feel like I’m already getting horny…so yes, Greek God is always a good comparison when complimenting your dude’s stroke game.

6. I Want To Be With You

Although actions speak louder than words, sometimes we need to hear our significant other say that they care about us. While men may try to act like they don’t have emotions, we know better. Instead of playing games, sometimes dudes just need to know that they mean as much to you as you mean to them.

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