The 10 Underrated Sexiest Jobs Right Now

Of course, there are the standard “sexy” jobs that people have. Bartender, stripper, hot teacher, whatever floats your boat. But there’s a special subset of sexy jobs that have somehow made it under the radar unnoticed. These are the people who we see every day and might not necessarily recognize that they’re smoldering sex pots. Here are some of the most underrated sexy jobs on the planet right now.

There is just something so sexual about a person who cares about the Earth’s cleanliness. Ok so I know a big percentage of trash pickers are on probation or something and not cleaning because they actually care about the Earth, BUT it still counts for me. There is something really hot about someone walking around in an orange jumpsuit with a plastic claw for picking up garbage. These guys just have a bad boy edge that other people just don’t have. If you want it to be good girl, get yourself a…trash picker.


Free Hugs Guy
This person probably smells bad but they really do mean well. Free hugs guy usually has nothing but love to give. If you’re looking for someone sensitive then this is definitely the guy for you. Free hugs guy is perfect for the person who is looking for love wthout the commitment. Or just a little intimacy without the pressure to go all the way. Free hugs guy is a real sweetheart.


This is for the girls who like it when the men come to them. The UPS guy is a secret gem for many reasons beyond the fact that they come to your house with a package. This is someone who can come to your door, be a little flirty, and then leave. Hearing them say “thank you” after signing for the package gets me every time. You are so welcome. Rawr.


Building Drug Dealer
Ok. I am fully aware that not everyone knows who their building drug dealer is, but I promise you, you have one. The building drug dealer is usually painfully charming but also painfully haggard from the years of snorting his own product. While their bad boy demeanor is super sexy, this is the kind of guy that you might want to keep away from your house. Try to keep it strictly business with this naughty boy.


Ticket Scalper
Maybe I’m so into it because I just got scammed this past weekend, but there is something so incredibly hot about these guys. I just love the way they lie. And I feel like a lot of you feel the same way. I mean, why do we continue to deal with scalpers even though we say we “hate” them. Not buying it, y’all are DOWN with being scalped.


Professional Chess Player
These guys are the classy ones in the group. If you’re looking for someone cultured then a professional chess player is your man. These guys plan their every move. In fact, they already know how they’re going to get you and you haven’t even met him yet. If you get with a chess player, you will be his queen and he will protect the shit out of you.


Toll Booth Worker
Similar to the UPS man, these guys work best for the woman on the go. This is for serious fast flirters though. If you’re trying to get a quick wink in or looking to flash someone THIS is your chance to shine. These guys know how to work fast and get the job done. And even though you end up paying them, they’re letting you go to places that you wouldn’t be able to go to usually.


This man is perfect if you’re a huge talker like me. These guys will call you, and you can turn a short phone call into a 7 hour conversation if you really wanted to. The power is in your hands. Also for those of you that are into phone sex, these are the people you need in your life. Worst case scenario they just go “EW HELLO?” and hang up on you but whatever, on to the next one.


Fortune Teller/Palm Reader
This person is sexy because they’re mysterious yet already know everything about you. As soon as you shake hands with this person, they will literally know your fate. Knowing someone’s fate is pretty hot in my opinion. If you want to be with the ultimate know it all, hit a fortune teller up. Also don’t even try lying to these guys because they’ll be like “BITCH I KNOW YOUR FUTURE DON’T LIE TO ME.” Yeah, just don’t.


Taxi Driver
These are one of the most unassuming hot guys you will ever know. Ok, so taxi drivers are hot for so many reasons. First of all, they know where everything is pretty much. Knowledge is power. And power is sexy. Second of all they, like the UPS men and the telemarketers, are great people to chat with. Sometimes they have some barriers up, but you just need to charm them with your devilish ways and get them to roll down the partition please. Most importantly, these guys will almost always make sure you get home safe. So hot.


Rula Al-Nasrawi is a Columbia Graduate whose writing has appeared in ViceThe Atlantic, and other online publications. Her first language is valley girl. Californian bred, NYC residing. @RulaOfTheWorld

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