Thanks To Peeple, You Can Now Rate Your Ex, Your Bestie And Your Nemesis Online

As much as we may like to think we live in a culture of openness and forward thinking, we actually live in a culture of ratings. From that cute bar with the 2 for 1 happy hour to that awful Uber driver who took the most circuitous route to drive you home, every experience in our lives is quantifiable…even us. While judging people numerically has usually been reserved for competitors on shows like Dancing With The Stars, a new app called “Peeple” will soon give you the ability to rate literally every single person you know on earth on a scale of one to five stars.  Things are about to get ugly.


According to Julia Cordray, one of the two women behind “Peeple” the idea for the app came out of a desire for more information. “People do so much research when they buy a car or make those kinds of decisions,” Cordray told The Washington Post. “Why not do the same kind of research on other aspects of your life?”

Not only does “Peeple” allow you to rate everyone from your ex to your bestie using a five-star scale, it also lets you publish full reviews, which could get very ugly very quickly. To make matters worse, once somebody puts your name in the Peeple system, there’s nothing you can do to get the review taken down.

If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. In 2013 an app called Lulu launched which allowed women the opportunity to honestly review their dates and exes, and was immediately criticized as “creepy,” “toxic,” and “gender hate in a prettier package.”

Although Julia Cordray and her partner Nicole McCullough claim that “as two empathetic, female entrepreneurs in the tech space, we want to spread love and positivity,” it doesn’t take a genius to know that this app is trouble. Like Harry Styles walking through the door and into Taylor Swift’s heart trouble. Even if it’s something as relatively innocuous as your ex posting a review saying you have “a tight puss and cum that tastes like candy,” that review will still be visible to everyone who crosses your page, whether that someone be your friend, your parent, or your boss.

Peeple is set to launch in November, but if you’re curious, they’re accepting applications for Beta Testers now. Sign up at your own risk.


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