Thank You Robin Williams: Rest In Peace

Robin Williams, a brilliant actor and comedian, was found dead at 63 yesterday at 12:02 pm in his home in Tiburion, California.


The news did not reach the public until yesterday evening. When it finally did, it seemed that the entire world was weeping over a man who made his reputation through the talent of laughter.

The heartbreak experienced by the generation of 90’s children was that often experienced at the loss of a favorite uncle or a close friend. All this for a man whom we never truly knew and who would never know us.

Proof of how little even those closest to him really knew him is obvious in the unexpected reason for his death. Suicide after a long battle with depression and bipolar disorder. The American funny man had been to rehab for addiction and struggled with alcoholism. But this is not how he should be remembered. It is not the reason why we cry for him.

His voice guided us toward the desire for freedom as the blue genie, freed from the lamp. He wore a female body suit as the divorced father dressed in drag in Mrs. Doubtfire. He made us cry when we finally became old enough to appreciate him in Good Will Hunting.

Our generational mourning can most accurately be compared to the outpouring of emotion following the death of Princess Diana in the 90’s. We are sad as if we had lost a parent, all this over a stranger.

But the fact is, we grew up with this man. He raised us on laughter and buoyancy. It is a comfort to know that he was generally regarded as being funny and kind in his daily life as he was in his movies. A genuinely good man, though his jokes never truly made him happy.

All we see in the Instagram tributes and Twitter obituaries are his saddest quotes. Those about cancer from Good Will Hunting and the maudlin words of the Dead Poets Society. It isn’t right for a man who’s life was built on laughter.

The quote that seems most right for the death of a man so full of life is this: “You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”



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