Inside The Testosterone Invasion Of Taylor Swift’s Squad

Thanks to Taylor Swift, girl power is having a renaissance in popular culture.

Tired of the media’s relentless scrutinization of her romantic foibles, Tay Swift did something novel for a pop star, she put the focus on her friends.  Thus the squad was born.  However, while it’s undeniably important for women to stick together and not try and mean girl each other out of existence, there’s something to be said for a healthy dose of testosterone to even things out.  Enter Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen.


While you wouldn’t necessarily assume that these two elderly British men are Taylor Swift fans, thanks to the Internet, we know the truth.  After posting their dramatic renditions of Blank Space and Bad Blood, Patrick Stewart politely inquired if him and his friend could join Taylor Swift’s squad.  And since this is 2015, the whole thing happened on Twitter.



Welcome to the squad, boys.  Better put a rush order on those bikinis.


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