Tess Holliday Dishes Style Pointers For Plus-Sized Girls

Tess Holliday really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her body. She loves her BBW frame and she tends to look better than anyone in the room. She snubs controlling undergarments, hits up the best of big girl brands, and keeps her skin on point, all of which comes together to make her the queen she is. Here’s what you need to know about her beauty/style routine:

Galore Mag Tess Holliday

WHERE SHE SHOPS: I like ASOS, Modcloth, NastyGal, Domino Dollhouse, Chubby Cartwheels — she handmaid my body suit I wore on People Magazine. I like Jibri a lot.

UNDERGARMENTS SHE LIKES: It’s important to have yourself properly measured so you can find a good bra that fits. As far as undergarments, I definitely am a slave to high waisted panties. Some people think they look like granny panties, but I just like them high waisted. I don’t like to wear shape wear, so I feel like high waisted underwear give me enough support while allowing me to breathe. Rago probably makes my favorite undergarments, I love them.

WHAT SHE EATS: I have oily skin and I break out a lot. After fighting with Nick [Tess’ fiancé] about it for 3 years, I stopped eating dairy. I still have it occasionally, but I would drink a chocolate milk everyday or have cereal. I love cereal, but it just didn’t agree with me. Since I gave up dairy my skin has cleared up.

HER SKINCARE SECRETS: I try to get facials every 2/3 months. I use SPF, I moisturize and I take my makeup off before bed. Never rub your eyes! I love Neutrogena makeup remover natural wipes. I love LUSH, I use their Herbalism cleanser to wash my face.

HOW TO GET HER PERFECT BROWS: Kelly Baker brows totally saved my life. She does my brows every two weeks. She waxes, cuts and plucks them. I use her brow products: powder, pencil and both her brushes. It takes me two seconds to do my brows whereas before it took me 30 minutes to draw them on. It’s really a freeing thing to not feel like I have to pencil in my brows to go to the supermarket. Eyebrows just frame your face. They make me feel good with or without makeup.

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