How To Tell If Your Dude Is a Creep: Pointers From Glee’s Mark Salling

So Glee’s Mark Salling AKA ‘Puck’ was just arrested for possession of child pornography. Fuck. Glee was a painful show to watch for numerous reasons, but Puck and his sexy bad boy persona was not one of those reasons. Well, now he’s just another reason to hate it. His dimpled face and mohawked head must have been the object of many teenage girls’ desires, and apparently teenage girls were the object of his desire too. According to TMZ, a raid on his home in Sunland, California revealed hundreds of images on his computer of girls as young as 15 and 16. Who’s for a petition to change his name from Puck to Puke? There’s not much positivity to take away from this horrific event, if anything though, you can measure your dude’s creepiness based off Mark’s creepy vibes.

He has a pet squirrel: This may not be helpful to many, and some guys who have squirrels may be perfectly normal, however, word has it that Mark Salling kept a wild squirrel in a large cage in his living room…hmmmm.

He’s 33 and has a mohawk: Come on now dude, the time for rebel without a cause haircuts passed about a decade ago. If he’s still sporting one, he’s claiming to some part of his youth he just can’t give up on, like possibly young girls.

He’s been in serious legal trouble before: This one may be a no brainer that you should steer clear, but if your guy has been arrested for allegedly forcing a girl to have sex without a condom (ahem Mark) it’s time to say “adios.”

He owns a puppet: Honestly fuck puppets. They’re dolls that you bring to life, that’s actual in several horror stories. Mark apparently had an Albert Einstein puppet and possibly more….nope, nope, nopity nope.

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