Tei Shi Tells Us The Secret To Being Sexy And Powerful

NYC indie-pop goddess, Tei Shi is not one to make excuses for anything, and we love that about her. She is bold, talented, sexy and fearless with an upcoming EP that will surely blow people out of the water. The New York babe tells us all about Verde, her admiration for Lana Del Rey, and the true secret to being both sexy and powerful.

Galore - Tei Shi - Brooklyn - Verde

Who are some of your all-time favorite “It Girls”?
Style-wise, I really love Anna Karina. She was in that French, chic New Wave era of being really beautiful and a carelessly carried person. I really loved the films she was in…Musically, Björk is a huge icon of mine. I really love Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry. I really have a deep appreciation for these women who, in their time, did something that was very them and became iconic for that. Also there are a lot of women now that I think are doing that – like I’m a huge fan of Lana Del Rey. She has that kind of iconic thing around her…she is someone in our time that is going to be really influential.

Galore - Anna Karina - Tei Shi - Brooklyn - Verde

Galore - Tei Shi - Brooklyn - Verde - Lana Del Rey

Where are some of your favorite places to thrift in NYC?
I feel like people in New York are so fashionable and on it in general that you get these amazing clothes at thrifts stores around every corner. My favorite place, it’s not really a hidden gem or anything, it’s called Beacon’s Closet…it’s really your one-stop shop for thrift shopping. They have tons of stuff…pretty much 90% of my wardrobe since moving to New York is made up of things I found there. I really love that place. Also there’s tons of thrift stores around the East Village.

You wear some pretty hot lingerie in “Bassically”. What kind of lingerie do you feel sexiest in?
What we ended up wearing in the video was actually styled by Brittany Berger, who is really awesome, she styled the video and bought all those cool latex looking outfits…she pulled from this designer who does only latex. All these one-pieces, leggings, long gloves that are all made of latex. I don’t so much tend to wear stuff like that on an everyday basis but I really love and appreciate pieces like that with a concept behind them.

Tell us about some of the moments and things that inspired your new record – Verde.
Since I put out my first EP a year and a half ago, I’ve just been working on a bunch of new material. I wanted to get something out sooner, not necessarily a long full-length album, but something to show another side of what I’ve been working on since the first EP. The first one was a compilation of songs I had been working on for three years so it was really a phase that was behind me. This stuff is a little more fun, light-hearted and upbeat…it’s kind of reflective of a happier place in my life. The songs are groovy and fun…wanting to make music that I thought people would like and people coming to my shows would want to see live and make them move.

Speaking off getting your groove on… What song is sure to get you dancing?
I’m a huge Queen fan, I grew up on Queen because of my dad, so the song “Don’t Stop Me Now”. It’s one of those songs that just does it for me.

What’s the secret to being sexy and powerful?
It’s kind of a cliché, but I think confidence is the key to being “sexy”. I think there’s a lot of different ways to be sexy. I don’t think being a sexy or attractive woman and being powerful at all should be mutually exclusive. A lot of times we confuse that sexuality to be influential and be powerful, which is a great tool, but it’s all about the balance of confidence and not making excuses for what you do. Don’t apologize for what you do. You just need to commit to your gut instinct…If it comes from an honest place, using your sexuality can be powerful.

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