Tegan & Sara: The Musical Duo Talk Lesbian Crushes And Rock N Roll

We are lucky enough to have twin sister duo Tegan & Sara feature in our Music & Friendship issue. Tegan took sometime out to discuss their lives as twins and musicians and what to expect from them this year. Check it out!

Photographs by Lindsey Byrnes


Have you guys ever fought over a girl?
Absolutely not! Ha. We have completely different tastes in women. We also live on opposite sides of the country so we don’t socialize together much off the road!

What’s the best trick you played on your parents when you were growing up?
We didn’t really do any of the standard “twin switcheroos” or anything like that. I don’t think we trusted our identicalness was truly that identical. We would laugh when our parents mistook us for each other accidentally. But, we really had our own identities so we didn’t play up the twin thing much.

Top 5 90’s/early 2000’s movie/tv heartthrobs?
Jared Leto
Claire Danes
Johnny Depp
Ione Skye
Angelina Jolie

You guys lost to Justin Bieber for the 2013 MTV EMA “Best Canadian Act” award. Any resentment there or do we see a collaboration in the future?
Ha! We love Justin. It’s been cool to see his rise to fame. It must be very hard to be so famous and be so young. I imagine it’s very difficult to keep it all together. But he seems to be doing a pretty good job. We were hopeless at that age. We were not sad to lose. We were just honoured to be included. And we would love to collaborate.

Favorite valentine’s memory?
I loved Valentines when I was a kid. I took great pleasure in filling out cards for everyone in my class. I loved getting cards and Valentine grams. It never meant that much to me as an adult. Seems like a silly made up holiday to sell chocolate and diamonds…actually..come to think of it..that sounds awesome…

What’s the worst misconception about lesbians?
I think a lot of the misconceptions about lesbians are just silly. But the one that always bugs me is that lesbians don’t like men. Both Sara and I are surrounded by men. We love men. We have close male friends, we have two wonderful dads who we adore, we both dated men when we were younger. I think it’s ridiculous to assume because we date women we aren’t interested in men. In fat, in most cases I feel like I have more in common with men than anyone!

Top 6 favorite music duos of all time?
Daft Punk
The White Stripes
Death From Above 1979
The Black Keys
Mates of State
Matt and Kim

What inspired the first song you ever wrote?
We were teenagers in the 90’s and had always been super interested in music and singing. Everyone we knew was in a band. Mainly just boys though. So we decided to start writing our own music and start a band. If the boys could do it…why couldn’t we? Sara and I collaborated on a song which I can’t remember anything about. Then Sara wrote a song called “Tegan didn’t go to school today”. I was home sick for a week and Sara borrowed my favourite purple Etnies and everyone thought she was me. It was kind of a great song.

If you had to dress like one person for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

What can we expect for the next album?
I think we’ll still be making pop music when we start working on a new record. But we always try to do something fresh with each new record. So we’ll have to wait and see. The song dictate our direction. Truly we won’t know until we start writing songs again….you’ll have to wait and see!

Interview by Jeremy McClain

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