Technology Killed The Modern Man And His Performance In Bed


I am constantly on my cracked phone. Well, maybe not constantly, but it’s always near my peripheral vision. Not like that’s saying a lot either though since my vision is on the same wave length as someone who is suffering from a pepper spray attack. But I’m not the only one who is addicted to their phone or all of the other wonderful advances technology has provided us with. Guys are as well. But it’s completely f*cking them up. Modern technology has actually killed the man in the bedroom and Gen-Y boys are the main targets.

Everything is now at their convenience from having food delivered to ordering clothes and now, selecting women to f*ck. But although technology has made their lives easier (because it was so much more difficult before), it has also messed up their communication skills. I think they forgot that actions speak louder than words. Because all boys have now are their words.


It’s almost better to sext a boy these days because you’ll get off more from that than actually meeting up with them to see if they really are as dirty as they’ve been saying. They have developed a fake confidence that makes them alluring to us girls, but we’re easily put off and confused when we see that they’re insecure and inexperienced in person. And every girl has had one guy at one point or another, text her, message her, hit her back on Tinder, or any other dating app, with an ego so large it puts Justin Bieber to shame. There was a survey done last year by The National Campaign that found out that 62% of young men sext (ages 20-26). I know, I was a bit shocked it wasn’t higher as well.

But I honestly don’t understand half the men who love to hit up girls with this persona that they’re masters in the bedroom or know how to please a lady. It’s more confusing than Madonna kissing Drake. But she can, so she did. So maybe guys think the same. They really shouldn’t though. Because yes, all guys love to talk the hype of things they would love to do to you, but only a few actually live up to it. I once had a guy who would text me all the time and say all the things he wished to do or how he couldn’t wait to take me out and him and I would be great blah, blah, blah. When I finally did get around to seeing him, he came before he even got to stick it in.

And yes, it was exactly like that scene from American Pie.


But let’s face it, it’s not entirely their fault. Most boys now are lacking in male role models. They either don’t have fathers who are present, or maybe they do, but emotionally they’re unavailable. And without the presence of a strong man in their life, it leads them searching for life’s fundamentals via the internet with porn and social media.

We all know those are probably the worst resources for anyone to develop social etiquette skills from, but for boys it’s available and it’s there. Or they go into the route where they see feminists as the enemy towards men and start to develop misogynistic aggression. Most men who have this mindset though aren’t even misogynists. They simply think it’s cool and is the only way to gain respect from their bros. Ahem, the Tinder assholes.

Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to guys who are older though. You don’t have to deal with boys who are insecure with themselves, still want to act like they’re in high school, can’t stand up to their friends to fight for you, or the worst, won’t even go down on you. Older men are more confident in who they are and sure, they’ll sext you if they want or give you hints about the things they can’t wait to do in the bedroom to you, but they follow through. And never disappoint.

As for the Gen-Y boys, they need to learn how to actually take care of a woman under the sheets and own up to their lousy, bullsh*t texts. They need to stop using their phone and computer screens as a way to pretend to be something they’re not – which is good in the bedroom.

Talk is cheap and I want a man who leaves me speechless.

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