Drugs at A VS Party? We’re Team Gigi On This One


A video uploaded to Cody Simpson‘s Snapchat Story from a Victoria’s Secret party hosted by him and girlfriend Gigi Hadid shows the pair dancing, living it up, and then—Gigi bent over a table. Gossip site OpenUp got ahold of the footage and claimed she’s snorting cocaine, so obvs, the internet is freaking out.

Gigi took to Twitter to respond, fully denying the accusations:


We’re not mad—we stand by our girl Gigi no matter what. Later, she wrote ‘If you don’t want to give me the benefit of the doubt that’s fine but,I know that this situation will not change my reputation within my industry bc the people that know & work w/me know that the person (cont)some are trying to make me out to be is NOT who I am or who I’ll ever be. #HugsNotDrugs.’

Sounds good to us!

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