High School Teacher Arrested For Distributing Pot Brownies To Students

This Thursday, high school English teacher Camille Brennan was arrested for putting the high in high school after she gave pot brownies to two of her female students.

Brennan, who taught honors classes to sophomores at Archbishop Hannan High School in Conington, LA was busted after one girl got hit with an overwhelming wave of Catholic guilt and told her parents all about the time she spent with Saint Mary Jane.

Obviously, her parents were not amused and neither was the school.  Guess Brennan can cross getting a mug shot taken off her bucket list.


When questioned by the police, Brennan admitted to everything and resigned from her teaching post, even though she was for sure going to be the most popular teacher in school next year.

Let this be a lesson to all you future teachers out there: if you feel so inclined to share your edibles with your students, make sure you only give them to the chill girls.  Or even better yet, just keep them to yourself.  Jail isn’t something that even the baddest among us need to f-ck with.


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