Will This Tea Increase Your Sex Drive?

Here at Galore, we like to get our freak on. But, what if we can’t get it on as much as we like? Whether your boo can’t seem to “recover” for round two as quickly as you’d like, or you’ve found yourself not as horny as you once were (damn you, birth control), we may have a solution for you. Enter Cordyceps, the superfood that’s known to increase sex drive and energy after whatever type of “work out” you’re engaging in. We’re pretty sure Kale doesn’t do that for you, now does it? Although you may not be able to find Cordyceps in your local Whole Foods, Four Sigma Foods has created instant packets to make it easy to give yourself that little boost. Whether you’re thinking of tossing some in your daily protein shake, or your nightly cocktail, we sat down with the creator and found out what exactly is the deal with these magical mushrooms:


How did you think of the idea to use Cordyceps in the sack?

The idea came from Asia. Cordyceps has been THE most precious sex herb, costing more than silver per gram. Later, Western science has proven that unlike some other Oriental aphrodisiacs, these actually might work. A study at Stanford medical school found an increase of the 17-ketosteroid in the urine of men taking it, which indicates an increase in the subject’s sexual drive and function, and directly affects the sexual center of the brain and sexual organs. Controlled animal tests offer credible evidence that regular Cordyceps use decreases recovery time between orgasms and increases the volume of semen production.

What’s the difference between Cordyceps and something like Viagra?

It’s not like you pop a pill just before showing off your “magic,” you need to take [cordyceps] days before. The effect is more gradual, and will also last longer. By taking it for a week, you will still feel it the week after. Besides increased sexual drive, you will feel better and be more energized.

For a girl using the product, what is the typical experience like? Does it vary per person?

Well, it depends on the type of girl (no pun intended for red heads). But, as noted before, this is not like some other sex herbs that aim to make the male hard. This will increase general blood flow (and it will flow where it needs to flow) and affect the sexual center of the brain. Girls can also safely drink a Cordy-SEX on the Beach and enjoy the perks.

In what ways can Cordyceps be taken?

The Four Sigma packets are made bio-available, so you can use them in cold or hot beverages and meals. Your imagination is your limit. I already mentioned adding it to your cocktail, but maybe you could make little love chocolate pieces by melting dark chocolate or cacao paste and then adding little bit of raw honey, vanilla and Cordyceps to make the most fun food ever.

If we’re (unfortunately) not getting busy all the time, can this product help our performance/energy for the gym?

Cordyceps is extremely popular among triathletes and crossfitters. It’s probably because it can help to improve your oxygen intake and support your adrenals. Without caffeine or sugar you can be more energized and perform better with the help of more Vitamin O found in Cordyceps.

Are there any known side effects?

Cordyceps is generally considered as safe. Just like you can eat too many carrots, you can also eat too many herbs and mushrooms. Generally it’s good to consult experts with all your dietary options if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding. Also if you are on immune system related drugs or just have gone through surgery you should consult a doctor.

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