How Pharrell Williams Went From Skateboard P To Fashion Icon

The newly-crowned 2015 CDFA Fashion Icon Pharrell Williams, has always been about that steezy style.  From big prints, military-inspired jackets, shorts as pants, camouflage, and lots and lots of hats, boy knows how to make a statement.  Just because it’s a Thursday, here’s a look at Pharrell’s fashion through the ages.

2001 – After producing Britney Spears’ single “Slave 4 U,” Pharrell and his group, The Neptunes, found themselves with their first #1 hit.  Later that year, rebranding themselves as N.E.R.D., the group released their first album, In Search Of, which was well received by the critics.

Party for Sean Combs

2002 – Named producers of the year at the Billboard and Source Awards, The Neptunes enjoyed mainstream success and a second number one hit with Nelly’s “Hot In Herre.”  Everywhere he went, Pharrell made sure to rep his group by wearing the same yellow mesh-panneled hat, often pairing it with simple T-shirts, and always always always jeans.

with timberland at tuesday night club suede 2002

2002 motorola party

2003 – Having produced roughly 43% of the songs on the radio, The Neptunes continued to be on top of the charts and securely in the public eye.  In addition to their own album, The Neptunes Present…Clones, they produced Jay Z’s hit track Frontin'” and did a remix of the Daft Punk song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”  This is the year Pharrell fell in love with camouflage and olive green.  When he wasn’t wearing either of his fashion staples, our boy P opted for sweatshirts from his clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club, and of course, jeans.

03 maxim


super 03

2004 – After releasing a second album as N.E.R.D., Pharrell struck gold on his own by teaming up with Snoop Dogg for his colossal hit “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”  As a consequence of his increased success, Pharrell started to get a little fancier.  He got a fur jacket from Roberto Cavali, started wearing adorned military jackets, and added some color to his camouflage rotation, foreshadowing the role red would have in his life for years to come.

04 beginning of that military love

roberto cavali for met gala preview 2004

04 billionare boys club launch

2005 – Not Pharrell’s best year for music, and not his best year for fashion either.  This was the year he purchased a horribly gaudy chain that he would wear everywhere for years to come, accessorized with a lot of patterned bandanas, and invested in a pair of jeans with a fox/coyote emblazoned against his crotch.  The one bright side was he also got himself a purple, monogramed sweater.  So fresh.

2005 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

aalos 05


2006 – While The Neptunes were busying themselves producing and touring, Pharrell’s fashion got both more streamlined, and more outlandish.  He bought a fur hat and fell in love with the color pink. All in all, not a remarkable year, but definitely an improvement from the year before.



2007 – Pharrell released his first album as a solo artist and cleaned up his style.  Bow ties and patterned blazers and sweaters and ties became norms for Skateboard P.  Who would have ever thought he’d turn into a little sophisticate?


07 lv fash show

2008 – Now that he was grown, Pharrell started taking chances.  He bought some leather jackets, brought glasses back, and fully embraced red as his go-to color.


08 bringing glasses baack

2009 – Pharrell’s producing was all over the place this year, and so was his fashion.  From polos and pattered boots to beanies and a casual flannel tied around his waist, P dabbled in a bit of everything (including facial hair).



helping usher on voice

2010 – A relatively quiet year, Pharrell spent 2010 composing the score to Despicable Me.  Aside from a new chain, not much changed about his style game.


2011 – Still keeping it quiet on the music end, Pharrell returned to his fashion roots, but turned the swag dial waaaaaaay up.  Lots of olive green, flannels, fur coats and bow ties for formal wear, and a brand new military-inspired hat often paired with a dope pair of Chanel sneakers.

2011 plus military gear

20111 biiiiiig pimpin

2011 still lovin that green, added better kicks

2012 – Hearing that blondes have more fun, Pharrell added some bleach, an array of hats with the brims turned way up, rosaries and short pants as formal wear to his well-honed look.

12 hair

CDFA 2012

2013 – With appearances on the two songs of the summer, “Get Lucky” and “Blurred Lines”, Pharrell staged a major career comeback.  To celebrate his resurgence, our boy treated himself to a new fur coat, new hats, and a lot of long shirts.

2013 looong shirt

2013 fur revival

 2014 – Pharrell had a lot to be happy about this year: a hit song, a new album, and a coaching gig on The Voice.  As Pharrell’s career got bigger, so did his hats, his sweatband collection, and the amount of details on his jackets.

2014 hat

93.3 FLZ's Jingle Ball 2014  - Show

014 headband

2015 – Beset by legal trouble, Pharrell’s kept it classy, focusing on double-buttoned military coats and clean lines. It’s too early to tell where this year will go for our style icon, but if he could survive the mid-2000s, he can make it through anything.

CHANEL Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Metiers d'Art Collection - Arrivals


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