TBT: 10 Baby Phat lewks we would totally wear today

You shouldn’t need a daily reminder that Kimora Lee Simmons is an icon and goals af, but you may have forgotten about Baby Phat, her label, until recently.

Thankfully, due to 2000s fashion’s resurgence, people are upcycling their OG Baby Phat threads on Depop for dineros and scouring thrift shops so they can get the ultimate Y2k lewk.

Baby Phat’s pieces were so flossy and dope, way cooler than other TBT brands we’ve embraced lately.

Here are some of our fave Baby Phat pieces that we’d totes rock today – some of which you can still buy on re-sale sites!

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1. This itty bitty tube top

Kimora Lee Simmons is emanating fierceness; I’m shook. #2000s #kimoraleesimmons #babyphat

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This might not be the most practical look for the weather, but if we had the chance we’d wear it in a heartbeat.

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2. These jean dresses


Denim dresses are back in a big way, and we’ve been searching for one of these bad boys in thrift stores all summer.

3. This silk bomber


Silk bombers are still cool, right? Well, what better way to stand out from everyone who bought theirs at Forever 21 than rocking this throwback Baby Phat piece? Sadly, it’s sold out, but keep your eyes peeled for another!

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4. This millennial pink tracksuit


Juicy who? JK, we’re still obsessed with Juicy, but this millennial pink Baby Phat trackie is also goals. You can buy this rare piece here.

5. This freaking Baby Phat lingerie


UM? Cheetah print and black lace? Yes please. This piece is still for sale on Depop – get it while it’s hot (or before I do).

6. These hoops with sass


Hoop earrings are a classic in my opinion, but they’re def having a moment right now. What better way to break out some OG Baby Phat hoops? These are being sold on Depop for just $7!

7. Whatever TF this is


Is this a matching set? Is that fur thing actually a sleeve? How about that gold cuff looking thing? Many things about this look are unclear, but one thing is for certain: we’d wear it to the club tonight if we could.

8. This perfectly styled puffer


I swear designers were coming out with this exact same coat this year and acting like it was groundbreaking – but BabyPhat did it first! Well, actually some other designer probably did it first, but Baby Phat did it in 2000 and this zip-off sleeve thing looks off the chain.

9. This bedazzled thong and bra

#lilkim #babyphat

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When in doubt, do as Lil’ Kim does.

10. This nameplate belt


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Nameplate necklaces? Cute. Nameplate belts? Iconic.

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