Who Knew Taylor Swift’s Legs Were Worth $40 Million?

Stars insuring their body parts isn’t news for anyone who follows gossip. J. Lo’s killer booty is backed with $300 million, aka more money than it would take you to surgically enhance your booty. But out of all the stars with a little extra “insurance,” we didn’t really expect Taylor Swift to be one of them.

However, according to The National Enquirer (okay, maybe a little bit sketchy of a source), her legs have been insured for $40 Million. Is this her retaliation for all those who make fun of her for having a flat ass?


An “anonymous source” claims that the reasoning is because if something were to happen to Miss Swift’s legs, she wouldn’t be able to perform on tour (she heads out on tour in May).

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While we understand this concern, we also see homeless men on the streets of New York everyday who were injured at work, and therefore unable to perform their jobs. Where’s their insurance, huh? I’m pretty sure if T. Swift broke a leg or two, she would have enough money to hold her over until her next boyfriend dumps her and inspires another album.

However, this information is obviously still questionable due to the reputation of The National Enquirer… I guess I can keep singing ‘Blank Space’ until then.

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