Taylor Swift Enlightens Us On How To Make Our Lives More Awesome

Last night, at (or around) the stroke of midnight, Taylor Swift found herself entertaining her favorite question, ‘how can I make my subjects – I mean, my fans,’ love me even more than they already do?’

In honor of fall’s melancholy arrival into our lives, in her benevolence, Taylor Swift decided to gift us all they keys to our happiness in the form of “11 Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome (I Promise).”  Or maybe she’s just trying to do damage control, since SNL recently uncovered her secret plan to achieve world domination and broadcast it to the world in the form of a sketch comedy video.  Either way, the list of songs is here, and regardless of Taylor Swift’s motives, on the off chance that these 11 songs actually will make your life more awesome, you should probably check them out.  Or at least three of them.

No Words by Erik Hassle

Mine by Phoebe Ryan

Poetic by Seinabo Sey

How I Want Ya by Hudson Thomas ft. Hailee Steinfeld (<3)

*Galore Pick

New Obsession by Frankie

Alive (feat Coucheron) by Kehlani

I’m Yours by Alessia Cara

Sleep On It By Emmy

This song was not found by us – if you know where it is, let us know.

Return to the Moooon – El vy

Swords – M.I.A.

It’s Strange (feat f. Klay) by Louis the Child

*Galore pick 

Even though nobody was really asking what Taylor Swift was vibing out to in her shower these days, that doesn’t mean we’re upset that she’s taken it upon herself to share. While most of them are hardly revelations, it’s nice to see a mega star shine a little light on some musicians you’ve probably never heard of. Even though Taylor Swift may not make the Indie records that are so much cooler than hers, she wants you to know that she knows who they are.

Sorry Taylor, still team Katy.




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