The Stages Of Your Relationship Told Through Taylor Swift Songs


You may not have known it, but Taylor Swift has been the soundtrack to your relationship. From the beginning stages to the final break-up, our girl T-Swift has been documenting it all. Because only she knows how to shake off a break up or have a love story. So, in order, here are the top Taylor Swift songs that depict every stage of a relationship.

1. Enchanted

This song is the beginning of the end. It’s when you see a guy in your local deli and he lets you skip ahead in line to order your egg and cheese on a roll so you’re not late for work. Okay maybe not that entirely, but this is when you start to get googly eyes for someone.

2. You Belong With Me

So you already met this prince charming, but now you’re wondering, “When the f*** is he going to make a move because I’m perfect for him.” Some light social media stalking kicks in too, followed by google searches and finding mutual friends on Facebook to ask how they know him. Very light though.

3. Mine

Alright, congrats! You f***ing made him yours. Making keys for each other’s apartments, hanging with the family, not having a plan or care in the world except for being together.

4. Love Story

Your friends and family are asking about the story of how you two met and you both tell them the adorable story of how he stole your heart and you met at a party or dance and were swept off your feet. Meanwhile your single friends want to vom or fall asleep.

5. 22

You’re in a comfortable spot with your relationship. So guess what? It’s time to dance and party like you’re 22. With all your best girlfriends, go out for a night on the town. F***ing throw some glitter around and get black out.

6. I Knew You Were Trouble

But you wake up after a night of partying and realize that your man actually made out with some girl at the bar. Or he decided that he couldn’t stand you at your Lindsay Lohan. Cue the running black eyeliner.

7. We Are Never Getting Back Together

Ya know, just in case your man forgets this part. You make it crystal f***ing clear. Or blast this song and let T-Swift help you out. This is the stage where the yelling and crying comes into play. Maybe some name calling. But not the kind we all like to hear in bed.

8. Everything Has Changed

You’re not angry anymore at the situation. In fact you’re pretty sad. You might even curl up in bed with your favorite stuffed animal and think of how his stuff isn’t in your room anymore.

9. Shake It Off

This is the part when you realize that you don’t give any flying f***s as to what he thinks, his friends think, etc. You’re going to do what you want and who you want, when you want. You’re ready for a night out and lots of tequila.

10. Blank Space

And then the cycle repeats when you end up meeting your next prince charming. Or victim.



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