Taylor Swift Officially Declares That She’s Bat Shit Crazy And We Kinda Love It

The video for ‘Blank Space’ off of Taylor Swift’s 1989 dropped today and oh my goodness is it fantastic. To be clear, I haven’t ever cared enough to be a Taylor Swift hater, but I also have never particularly liked her or thought her music was noticeably interesting or self aware. Until now.

1989 as a whole is much more mature and lyrically creative than Swift’s prior albums. ‘Blank Space’ stands out as my personal favorite track. The song satirizes the love stories that Swift’s older songs used to romanticize, and unabashedly makes fun of her serial-dater/serial-ex-girlfriend notoriety that she has gained in the media. And the video is an excellent visual accompaniment. Set on some over the top British fantasy manor, for the first few seconds you find yourself cringing as you prepare for T Swift to do her best Beyonce “Partition” impression. But Taylor’s attempts to be Bey stop here, as she quickly ditches her “sexy” routine for a “jealous and obsessive ex” one. The video also includes about 1,000 varying kinds of furry animals and a Mean Girls Regina George reference. It’s surprisingly authentic and funny and, personally, the realest music she’s ever released. Not to mention she looks damn good the entire time, so that’s good too.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Joseph Kahn, the director of the video, says about Swift, “She knows that people talk about her. She knows that there’s this meme that if you date Taylor Swift, you’re going to end up getting a song written about you. She wanted to address that.”

Watch for yourself here:

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