Taylor Swift Showed Up to Jury Duty Like a Total Jabroni

In a simultaneously very confusing and very on brand decision, Taylor Swift got called into jury duty today in Tennessee and instead of ignoring her summons like a normal person, she actually went.

As you can imagine, being in the same room as an incredibly famous person was very disrupting to the voire dire process, which is the fancy latin term for when the lawyers ask you a bunch of questions to see if you’re too biased to potentially vote for their side.

Obviously, it didn’t take long before T Swift found a graceful way to excuse herself from actually serving on a jury, but you have to admit, it was a very conveniently timed PR move.

While it’s no mystery that the real reason Taylor decided to skip the VMAs last night had nothing to do with her jury summons the next day, for anybody who wants to give Taylor an out, this is it.

Well played, T Swift.

It’s about time your PR department did you a favor.

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