Why Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods” Is Her Last Song About Harry Styles

“Out Of The Woods” is a divisive Taylor Swift song.  In fact, most people that I know kind of hate it.  Why?  Because it best represents the generic pop blandness that dominates the majority of 1989 in comparison to Taylor Swift’s back catalogue of work. Still some people really love the song, praising the track’s synthy ‘80s vibe as a sign that Taylor Swift is growing up and becoming less of a generic pop star.  

One thing’s for sure: this music video marks the end of Taylor Swift’s musical allusions and disses towards Harry Styles.

Although Taylor Swift has never specified who “Out Of The Woods” is about, she has spoken at length as to what the song is about…not that the subject matter was remotely ambiguous.  In an interview with Grammy Pro Taylor said,It just kind of conjured up all these feelings of anxiety I had in a relationship where everybody was watching, everybody was commenting on it. You’re constantly just feeling like, ‘Are we out of the woods yet? What’s the next thing gonna be? What’s the next hurdle we’re gonna have to jump over? Are we gonna make it to next week?”  

But let’s be real, the song is about Harry Styles and their tumultuous, picked-apart relationship.  Duh.

At the end of the music video, after overcoming a pack of wolves, a thunderstorm, an arctic tundra, a desert and just about every other disaster scenario imaginable, Taylor Swift finally makes it out of the woods.  In case the symbolism wasn’t obvious enough for you, Taylor Swift takes it one step further, and literally tells you that even though the relationship in question never lasted, it’s okay because she found herself and somehow that was everything.

So there you have it.  Taylor Swift has finally moved on.  Happy 2016.

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