Taylor Swift Is Giving Us One Last Chance To See Her 1989 Tour Costumes

Even though I would describe myself as a relatively substantial Taylor Swift (I consider Red to be the Blue of our generation, I’ve written a track-by-track analysis of 1989, and I spent the last fifteen minutes searching ‘Taylor Swift Throw Rug’), I’ll be honest with you, I hate most of her clothes.

Besides saliva, one of the major thing that my boyfriend and I share is the opinion that every costume Taylor Swift wears on her 1989 tour is awful.  Strictly speaking, this isn’t true.  Some of her costumes are alright.  Some however, are unforgivably bad, and those are the ones that she most frequently wears when she invites guests to the stage (ridiculously awkward faux-lingerie separates, I’m talking to you).  


Taylor Swift // Instagram

While 5 million people, or some equally ridiculous number, got to actually see Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour in person, there’s an even larger amount of us who didn’t.  Luckily for us, on December 20th Apple Music is going to start exclusively streaming the concert.

Of course, you’ll have to sign up for the service in order to watch Tay Tay in all of her glory, but seeing as Apple offers a free 3 month trial, I’m guessing most of the world will be temporarily giving Apple Music a try (and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be one of those people).

Watch the trailer for the concert below, and try and contain your excitement about the prospect of getting one last shot at hate-viewing Taylor Swift’s concert wardrobe.

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