Taylor Giavasis on Embracing Natural Beauty

Take a look at her Instagram feed and our pared-down photos of Taylor Giavasis, and you’ll see she knows a thing or two about embracing natural beauty.

In addition to her own massively followed Instagram account, the California girl has a blog called The Naked Diaries dedicated to highlighting natural gorgeousness in all its glory.

We caught up with Taylor and shot some photos of her lounging around — au naturel, of course — and asked her a few questions. Keep scrolling to see the exclusive photos and read more about Taylor.

How did you come up with the idea for Naked Diaries?

A group of girls and a camera sparked the idea of the Naked Diaries. I have so many diverse friends that allowed me to see such a wide range of beauty. One night I was with a group of my friends and I just wanted to show them how beautiful they were. What makes them the most beautiful is the person they are on the inside but allowing them to see their physical body is beautiful as well, no matter what shape or size, let them see their full beauty. Since Instagram is such a great way to reach people I decided to start posting the photos I took there. That turned into girls wanting to share their stories as well. It’s so exciting to see people join together to empower each other. I have many exciting things coming soon for this project ;).

Do you have any insecurities that people would be surprised by?

I think we all have insecurities because of our egos feeding our minds with untrue thoughts and comparing ourselves to others. I sometimes see myself judging myself for acne scars or how big my boobs are and the added sag from gravity. It’s really your outlook though. You can see all your differences as beauty and appreciate how unique you are or you can spend/waste time hating yourself. I don’t know about anyone else but I’d rather love myself. It feels so much better. So no matter how much I want to be insecure I know it is me who is allowing that to happen and I try my hardest to just adjust my thoughts. No matter what people say or no matter what the “ideal” look is none of that matters or determines how YOU view yourself.

What new trend are you most excited to try this spring?

I don’t really keep up with style trends. For me this spring I can’t wait to wear shorts again. The less clothing I wear the more free I feel. I’m also looking forward to incorporating more color into my clothing since black seems to be my favorite clothing color I feel like it would be fun to switch it up.

What’s your favorite makeup look right now?

My favorite makeup trend right now is natural. Coconut oil and aloe vera are the way to go for me. I love makeup and admire women who fuck up the makeup game but I also love being able to rub my eyes without turning into a raccoon. Winged eyeliner is my favorite though.

What style rule are you currently sticking to?

The style rule I’m sticking to is the one everyone should stick to: Wear whatever the fuck you want, be who the fuck you truly are, and fuck what anyone has to say. When you’re being who you are on the inside it shows. Worrying about impressing anyone is too time consuming, if sweatpants are what makes you feel the best rock the fuck out of them.

Who or what are some of your biggest style influences?

The person whose style I admire the most is Telana. She is a goddess, that’s the only way to explain her style. Just being around her you can see she is so herself and that inspires me so much.


What’s the best beauty advice you ever got from your mom or another female role model?

My mother really inspires my whole life. She has been my backbone and taught me so much that has allowed me to be the person I am today. I think her best rule when it comes to beauty is do whatever makes you feel beautiful, simple as that. She also informed me [that] keeping my body healthy will adjust the way I feel about myself as well. So physical activity and healthy foods keep you glowing on the inside and out.

Photos by Amber Asaly

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