Which Came First: Demi’s Twitter Shade Or Taylor’s Donation To Kesha?

Even though Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift go way back, like hanging out at Hannah Montana movie premieres back, over the weekend things got “Bad Blood”-level ugly between the former besties 

Why? Because Demi and Taylor apparently disagreed about what the best way to support Kesha was. Demi thought it was by lending her voice to Kesha’s cause, while Taylor thought sending the singer $250,000 was more appropriate.

While we’re not taking sides on this one, there is one question we NEED to know: which came first, Demi’s Twitter shade or Taylor’s $250K donation?


On Saturday morning, hours after Friday’s court ruling denying Kesha’s request to break away from Dr. Luke, the record producer she accused of sexually assaulting her, Demi Lovato took to Twitter to lend her support.

Curiously, then Demi decided to throw some thinly-veiled shade at a certain “self-proclaimed feminist” who had yet to speak on Kesha’s behalf, or you know, make a serious contribution to women’s rights outside of advocating that all women grow their own squads ASAP.

Obviously Demi was talking about Taylor Swift, and obviously, Taylor Swift was too busy being the best maid of honor EVER to honor Demi’s tweets with an equally thinly veiled reply.

While that could have easily been the end of it, the plot thickened on Sunday night when a rep for Taylor Swift made the rounds, calling up a handful of major news outlets (so far we’ve found proof of her talking to E!, USA Today and Billboard) to inform them that “in a show of support, Taylor Swift has donated $250,000 to Kesha to help with any of her financial needs during this trying time.”

It’s not clear what happened first — the donation or the Twitter shade — but minutes after news of the donation was reported, Demi responded with another artfully crafted example of Taylor shade:

This was clearly too much for loyal Swifties to take sitting down and one fan, @proudofswift, who has since made her Instagram account private, tweeted back at Demi to let her know that making Kesha’s legal struggles about her problems with Taylor Swift was seriously not cool. 

Surprisingly, that strategy didn’t go well for @proudofswift. 

Their conversation allegedly continued on Instagram. The Daily Mail somehow acquired a few screenshots which obviously could be doctored because online fandoms are crazy like that, so take them with a grain of salt.

While we’re not buying the fact that Demi didn’t mean to shade Taylor, one thing is very clear: there’s not a big enough Band-Aid in the world to fix this bullethole.



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