Tasha Reign’s Beauty Routine — From Brows to Boobs

It’s so fucking expensive to keep up your looks. At least, for me it is.

Whether I made my money off of my body and face or not, I would still be like this. Why? Maybe it’s socialization, maybe it’s media, maybe it was my superficial upbringing. I couldn’t tell you exactly when it started, just that it did. And now I embrace it and look at it as a positive thing.

Your body and face are not who you are and certainly not all that you are about. But few would oppose the notion that looks do matter, how you choose to present yourself to the world does matter, especially in Los Angeles county, especially in entertainment and extra especially in porn.

You can review my article about exercise (and all of that content is true, but additionally here is my routine on how I stay looking the way I am most comfortable and where to go to do it, details and all.

1. What I Eat

I am a vegan. This is semi-new as I was a hardcore vegetarian for the last 10 years due to a high school presentation someone did on slaughterhouses in America. Once my blinders were off that was it. I am a visual learner and highly effected by movies and television. After educating myself just a little about where my meat was coming from and how it was cultivated, I was forever turned off.

About a month ago I took a three-hour class on kosher slaughter at my local Jewish university and after that I was completely horrified and decided I wouldn’t touch any foods made from an animal at all. My skin automatically changed for the better and I feel lighter over all. It takes discipline and preparation, but ultimately I feel as though this was the right choice for me morally and physically.

Don’t be fooled though, you can really pack on the pounds eating vegan. French fries will lure you in at every corner, even your enemy the Oreo staring at you at 2 a.m. at the strip club… I needed to scale it all back, so I did. I reread the book “Skinny Bitch” by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, which I highly recommend, and my lifestyle has changed tremendously. If you have the means to be a vegan, then at least try it!

2. Exercise

Who actually enjoys working out? I swear I don’t get it. I do enjoy the high I get after pilates, I do love what my body starts to look like and I sure love the community atmosphere of a cardio barre class. I have been a loyal Equinox member for over a year because its 1. trendy 2. clean and 3. full of great group classes.

My other favorite workout is of course the L.A. hikes, we have so many amazing spots, canyons, valleys, you name it Los Angeles County has them. I go as much as possible on dates, on friendship walks, and on solo missions with the puppies. This keeps my buns in shape and up to the standard I deem appropriate for myself. Plus it kills my anxiety and drains me of the anger I build up. I work out a minimum of four times a week but this week I’m aiming for more than that as I have recently gained a strange amount of enthusiasm.

3. Hair

A.k.a. my money drainer. Seriously, after about five salon switches, thousands of dollars in extensions, and a million color swaps, I have finally found my hair routine!

I have naturally very dark brown hair (that now has full-on grays in it at the ripe old age of 27) that has a red tinge to it and a beautiful thickness, which I ruined long ago with bleach. I have so many bad hair stories that I could fill a book cover to cover.  It’s okay though, I’ve now gotten it right.

I use Dream Catchers extensions, with a multitude of colors my hair stylist Eliza at HNL Studio in L.A. picks out with me. Whether they’re blonde, red, or brown, I bring in photos and we play around. Those last about six months or even longer, as I trim them accordingly so the bottoms look fresh every time the individual pieces are pulled up.

Then the color is a whole other story. I try my best not to get highlights and just to do an over all high lift tint to not damage my hair any further, then once in a blue moon, like every four months, I will do a blonde weave throughout my whole head. I can honestly say that I am pleased with my hair but that its so incredibly damaged from switching it around so much and lightening it for the last decade.

4. Plastic Surgery

I went to Raj Kinodia for my nose job and Garth Fisher for my breast augmentation when I was 21 years old and did both invasive surgeries at the same time. In my college years I spent a lot of time up at the Playboy Mansion and all the girls told me about the best of the best doctors — these are them. I recovered quickly, I think because I was young and fearless.

I go to Jody at Garth Fisher’s office in Beverly Hills for my Botox (forehead) and Juvederm (lips and smile lines) every six to 10 months. I started to do this at age 24, which is super young, but I make a lot of intense facial expressions in my scenes and in photos so I decided to prevent aging and I have never looked back.

Well, except once when I decided to be risky and go to a little clinic somewhere in the Valley and my face looked pretty cray for three months. Ultimately, I love the effects it’s had on my image and I would tell anyone who’s thinking of injections to do their research. I really try not to overdo it, as it’s easy to do and in my opinion, not attractive. A little bit of everything in moderation ladies! This is all extraordinarily costly but I love the aftermath and trust these people with my life.

5. Brows

I go to a lady at her home studio in the Hollywood Hills — Frita, she’s amazing. I don’t have great brows but with her threading and my penciling we make a solid team.

I like an arch. I wasn’t born with one, therefore I need some outside help. Threading is painful but beauty is pain and it lasts longer than plucking and is more precise than waxing. Threading is something I had never thought of before I stumbled upon it, but it’s my preferred method now. I do this every three weeks to a month. I try to not pluck in between as it messes with the overall look/arch of them.

I like Anastasia brow pencils as well. Eyebrows seem like such a minimal feature on your face but they’re not, they’re the windows to the eyes. A great brow can change a whole face.

6. Spray Tans

Praise the lord that spray tan solution is not what it was when I was 16 years old.

I look back at photos and just die from laughter, I looked like a straight up oompa loompa. Now, I exclusively airbrush at Sunset Tan and make sure that I am exfoliated, moisturized, and ready to go about every five days.  I do a level two in dark and extra spray all over my butt and stomach. If you can’t lose it… tan it.

Never will I ever step foot in a tanning bed. It is so incredibly bad for your health, your skin, will age you faster then you can say cancer and it’s just awful.  My favorite over the counter rub-in option is St. Tropez, you can get it at your local beauty supply. I feel so much more sexy when I have a glow on.

7. Nails

I finally quit the acrylics! I have moved on the gel polish, which I hear is nearly as bad for your nail but lasts up to two weeks for me and looks the best.

My favorite salon is Nail Garden in Studio City. It’s large and luxurious with a comfortable atmosphere. I go between “Mod About You” and “Lincoln Park After Dark” by O.P.I., depending on my mood. I keep my nails square and pretty short as my fingers go into a lot of holes…

8. Skin

Last but certainly not least, my skin regime is everything to me. I have struggled for years with acne. Point blank, my skin was not in great condition, it just wasn’t.

Until I found Raya day spa in Los Angeles. It’s the best of the best with affordable treatments for well under $100. They will change your face! I get a facial every three weeks, extractions, microdermabrasion, red light therapy, oxygen, masks, the works!

I take Advil beforehand as it hurts a bit and I look kind of nutty the rest of the day after the picking and grooming of my oh so sensitive skin, but it’s so worth it. They carry incredible products exclusive to Raya as well, my favorite being the Biosilk cream that heals (or at least treats) any and all imperfections overnight, this is not a joke. If you are ever in L.A. try this place out.

All in all I spend a lot of money, time and energy on my aesthetic appearance, as I know many women do. I would like to state that many coworkers that I know do not go above and beyond in this capacity and that is totally awesome. I love feeling my best and a huge part of that, for ME, is looking my best. When my body is on point, my mind follows as does the rest of my life. It’s like trying to get stuff finished in a dirty room, it’s very difficult. I like to be gleaming from the inside and out and I am a hardcore advocate for self care, preservation and the desire the enrich our lives as well as our physical beauty.


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