Tanlines Talks Tour Highlights & Summer Songs

We know you’re all ready for summer, but now we have a few more reasons to get you super stoked. First of all, BK duo Tanlines are coming out with their best record to date. Hell yeah! Second of all, they just shared the chillest summer BBQ playlist. What more could a girl want? So relax! Get in your summer mode and read our interview with Tanlines’ babe Jesse Cohen for more on their new record Highlights.

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First of all, the internet went wild for your Netflix website jinx. What are your current binge obsessions?

Game Of Thrones. Is that too obvious? Also, my favorite show is probably Nashville. I like it because it’s pretty dumb but it’s not too dumb. It’s a soap opera but there’s enough compelling characters, actor performances are all really good and I like the fact that it’s about music. I usually don’t like when it’s about music because I feel like they don’t get it right. It’s about music but it’s about a totally different part of music that I don’t know that much about, so I have a little less invested and I can just enjoy it a little bit more. The music is really good on the show too and they nail the performance aspect of it really well. Plus, you never know which character is going to be murdered.

Besides Nashville, what’s something people wouldn’t expect you to like?

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. I think part of being in my thirties is that there’s no more guilty pleasures. Pleasures are just pleasures. There’s no built in apology about it. It’s just like, whatever this is who I am.

Summer is finally approaching! What are some great songs on your summer playlist?

Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers “Islands In The Stream”

Tupac “Do For Love”

Robert Palmer “Every Kind Of People”

[Click to listen to more songs from Tanlines’ BBQ Playlist!]

If you could have anyone accompany you poolside, who would it be?

You know what? I’m going to say Dan Savage. He’s just on my list of people I just want to meet one day. For him, it’s not about being by the pool or anything like that. It’s just, if you ask me who I want to spend the day with – he’s pretty high on my list. I’m using your question as a launch pad to say that I want to meet him.

We’ll put it out in the universe for you. Now lets let’s talk about your new record! I’m sure people have already asked you the cheesiest question they could but I’ll go for it anyway. What are some of the Highlights?

All ten are highlights. That’s kind of part of the deal with the title. I would say the highlights for me are the songs that I feel like pushed most in new directions for us. One highlight is, “Invisible Ways,” which is stripped down and an organic sounding song. Another highlight for me is a song called, “Two Thousand Miles,” which is the opposite. It’s a very electronic and sparse song. It really gives Eric space as a singer. Overall, the highlight is Eric’s voice which now sounds like a totally different person. A confident, strong, live singer instead of a bedroom studio, quiet singer.

I saw you got some help with producing from Chris Taylor! Grizzly Bear is untouchable/one of those bands that I’ll forever be obsessed with. Who are some of those artists for you?

Hot Chip and Outkast. That’s the level you want to get to. You could do anything and people will just follow you along for the ride. I hope we can get to that level some day.

Being from New York, you know people have a love/hate relationship with the city. Are you a lover?

It’s mostly love. I’ve been there for 12 years so I have my ten year merit badge; honorary New Yorker. I love it. I don’t love driving around Brooklyn in the middle of the day when everything is under construction but I still love New York. I always will. It’s the best.

Now that you’re an honorary New Yorker, what’s something about yourself that definitely proves it?

A big one is the fact that days and days will go by where I don’t go into Manhattan at all now. I feel like that’s a high level of New Yorker that I’ve achieved. I used to always be going everywhere I could and now days will go by where I don’t go into the city. Now I’m just a local person.

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