Tallywackers: The Hooters For Women Has Officially Opened

We recently posted about the rumored opening of a new restaurant in Texas called Tallywackers. In essence, it was a Hooters type restaurant, except instead of busty chicks serving your wings, it would be buff dudes.

The owner warned us that the original intended customers is more geared towards gay men than women, and although we can understand why, I’m sure chicks will be flocking there to see what all the buzz is about (not to mention, checking out some abs on their cheat-meal days).

Although there’s nothing like having a hot waiter to serve me a heaping plate of hangover food… somehow I don’t think most chicks go for dudes that wear booty shorts and tiny little tank tops. While I appreciate that it shows off their assets, why don’t they just go all out and take off their shirts too? Maybe some customers could “accidentally” spill some whipped cream or hot sauce on them?

However, if you’ve ever been to Hooters, you also probably know that half of the girls are nowhere near as Victoria’s Secret model-like as the girls that they show on their billboards. It’s also no secret that the food at Hooters is not that great.

So, does Tallywackers measure up? From the pictures on their Facebook page, we can most definitely see some hotties. Will the food be as hot as the guy serving it to me? Honestly, is there really such thing as bad french fries?


After perusing through reviews on the Facebook page (because unfortunately I can’t fly down to Texas to eat here myself), it seems that everyone is pleased with the eye candy, but the service and food can use a little work. In their defense, no restaurant is really going to be in tip top shape within the first week of opening, and they probably hired these guys based on six packs rather than server experience.

In the mean time, I can only hope that Tallywackers shapes up so that they are still in business when I finally get my booty down to Texas.

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