Tali Lennox Reveals Her Artistic Talents To Us

Tali Lennox and I skipped out on NYFW to hang talk about her passion for painting and drawing. We chatted about the reliefs of not modeling, what art does for one’s mental health and not painting pretty pictures. Check out her awesome paintings and drawings below!


How would you describe what your interests, your job?
I think it’s a bit of a mix I try to follow my accord. I wouldn’t say that modeling is my main occuption anymore it’s something I do once in a while. Apart from that I’m just exploring things taking course in psychology and painting at the New School.
Are you completely disinterested in modeling?
No. i’ll do in once in while, but i’ve been doing it since I was 17. I really am grateful for it but it’s also really nice not to think about how I look. I notice mentally how I’m different when I don’t do it.
How long have you been painting for?
I’ve been drawing since I was really really young. It’s really good for me mentally. To do something like modeling where you’re running around all over the place and nothing stays still, it’s almost like meditation.
Why are people so surprised that you paint?
People assume a lot about me. Like people think i’m not very nice [laughs]. People can assume whatever they want, it’s all subjective.
Do you think people assume a lot because you’re a model or the daughter of someone famous?
Yea of course. I’m a fortunate, and a privileged girl so people like to assume the worst. But it’s also humbling for me. That’s why I moved to NY, I’m less affected by it, and I can create more.
What do you like to paint?
I like to paint things that are darker, I don’t like to paint pretty pictures. When I was young I used to draw like pretty girls, and then when i got into modeling i’d only want to draw old ugly faces.
IMG_6079 IMG_6077
You just get so over everyone looking so good all the time
Yeah, I feel like that recently i just want to dress like whatever.
From your paintings, it’s clear you like drawing people.
Yeah it always has to be personal. I do a lot self-portraits, not in a narcissistic way but I think art is best when it’s as personal as possible. I think a lot of it is my interest in communications and the feeling you can get when you’re feeling isolated. That’s the best thing about portraits is you can feel really close to someone when you’re drawing them. The main thing is I want people to question what they’re looking at and even make you feel uneasy.
I had friends who are beautiful ask me to paint them and I have to be like no this isn’t quite like that.
You probably want to have an exhibition?
Yeah id love to, just have to wait for the right time and when I’m ready.
All photographs by Dylan Kelly

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