What T-Swift Can Teach Us About Friendship

T-Swift is literally America’s sweetheart. From her country background, to her girl-next-door good looks, to her infectious smile, this chick has it all, oh and not to mention she’s worth over $200 million for her all-too catchy music. Clearly we all should be looking to Tay on how to live our lives since she’s doing it perfectly. One thing she does not get enough attention and credit for, however, is her unfailing ability to form friendships and create bonds. Yahoo just published a story on Taylor’s best friends, and it is one long list. And certainly one envy-inspiring list, as it is filled with supermodels, actresses, pop stars, and other iconic and influential individuals of our time. I volunteer as tribute to be her next best friend.

One defining feature among Taylor’s friendship list is that it’s almost exclusively filled with women, and powerful ones at that. Obviously she has plenty of dude friends including her cutie boyfriend Calvin Harris and her ex-nemesis Kanye West, but her squad is mainly women. In a world where there are too many female feuds and girl-on-girl crime, this Swift Sisterhood teaches women of all ages that female empowerment is the only way to go.

What’s even more amazing though, besides the impressive people on her list, is how different they all are. It doesn’t matter what you’re known for, what you do, who you hang with or what your reputation is, T-swizzle will welcome you with open arms into her life. That type of kindness and open-mindedness is severely undervalued nowadays and we should all look to her as an example, especially during this holiday season.

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