All the products SZA uses for her girly-natural beauty look

As many of you may know but most of you may not, prior to being a Grammy-nominated artist, SZA was your local skincare consultant at Sephora. In other words, she’s always been doing the lord’s work.

Not only does she know what’s good for our ears, but she’s also here to tell us what’s good for our skin.

“I used to work in the skin-care department [at Sephora],” SZA told Refinery29, “so I know for a fact that everyone’s skin is different. Consistency and simplification is key. I can’t try a whole bunch of different shit that I’ve seen.”

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One of the most important elements of being a famous person is going around touching faces with other equally cool, famous people (it’s in the Constitution, sweetie. Look it up):

i miss bill nye i miss when ppl were nicer i miss my brain being empty lol.

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But at what cost?

When touring, SZA mentioned that her skin took a hit from running around and meeting fans on the daily.

“Touring fucked my skin up on a whole ‘nother level,” she told Refinery. “Two hundred meet and greets a day. Cheek to cheek. Sweating, hair on my face, mic on my face.”

The singer revealed that she struggles with cystic acne, though we could never tell.

“I have this weird feeling that the apocalypse is upon us, so I have to choose products that I can find in nature,” she said. “I have cystic acne, so I use a Manuka honey mask to combat it and hemp oil to smooth out the surface of my skin. I also use a Vitamin C serum and black soap, and that’s it.”

SZA’s beauty routine is surprisingly down-to-earth for that of a celebritorious mega-person, making it pretty attainable for us to attain.

Oh and us too, re: the apocalypse thing.

As for her makeup favorites?

“I love MAC,” she said. “Pat McGrath? Come on, son. She’s Black and killing it. She’s never lost once.”

She also got specific about the makeup she uses.

“For foundation, I like Hourglass,” she said. “It’s vegan and cruelty free, and it works for Black skin. I️t vanishes everything, and it’s buildable. I sleep in this shit, and I got bad skin.”

Us too, re the sleeping in our makeup thing. Wow, I feel like this article is bringing us all a lot closer to SZA.

When asked the question of all questions, what her ultimate beauty advice was, here’s what she had to say:

“Don’t get discouraged with your skin when it doesn’t do what you want it to do and you feel like, fuck this product. Give it some time. I spent so much time screwing my face into mad different shapes because I was nervous to take a picture as is. I’ve learned to just sit still and be in yourself. That’s the only way to get to know yourself.”

Wow. She’s got bars on love, dating, and skin care, and the virtue of patience. She can probably fly, too. Stay tuned for that feature.

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