The Hottest Thing A Guy Can Wear, According To Sydney Maler

For bikini-babe Sydney Maler, Valentine’s Day is really good.

An avid beach bum who would always rather be in a bathing suit, bare foot, with unruly hair—that’s Sydney. Her Valentine’s Day plans aren’t any different from her usual M.O either.

In the q+a below, Sydney tells us about her ideal V-Day, the sexiest piece of clothing she owns, and the hottest thing a guy can wear.

What would you want to do?

I’d want to runaway together on a little get-away trip.

Where would you go?

We’d go toward the warmest beach possible.

What would you wear?

What’s a get away trip without running around in as little clothing as possible? I think for Valentine’s day, a red or pink bikini would be called for.

What are some cute clothing things on your Valentine’s day wishlist?

I already snagged a few Gooseberry lingerie pieces that were on my wish-list. I am definitely looking forward to receiving those! I’m also in love with For Love & Lemons new line and wouldn’t mind snagging a few of their pieces. And a little Agent Provocateur never hurt anyone.

Who would you spend it with?

I’ll be spending it with my boyfriend. Shout out to him, love you baby!! [Laughs]

What was your best Valentine’s day?

The best Valentine’s day I’ve ever had was a few years ago. My boyfriend, at the time, and I were on a trip working a horse show together (I used to professionally train Arabian horses). He took me out to a very nice dinner and on the ride back, in is old red pick-up truck, playing our song, he gave me a small box that he had carved out of wood himself and inside was a beautiful heart shaped tennis bracelet. My mom had helped him pick out the bracelet and he had carved the most beautiful box. It was obvious that a lot of time and thought was put into the day and I really appreciated it. I’m not usually one for Valentine’s day, but that was definitely one of my favorites.

What’s a Valentine’s day beauty look you love?

I love the soft-innocent-slightly-flirty attire-with-all-the-sex-hidden-underneath look. It’s way more fun to be on your date as a cutie with a dirty secret that your man’s going to have to wait to see, rather than putting it all out there at the beginning.

The sexiest piece of clothing you own?

My birthday suit. *Wink Wink*

The hottest thing a guy can wear, in your opinion?

The hottest thing a man can wear in my opinion is an outfit that’s very simple. A man in just a white shirt and dark blue jeans can be terribly sexy. Worn correctly, it can make a guy come off really confident and masculine.

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