SXSW 2015: Shana Cleveland On How To Join The La Luz Girl Gang

Obsessed doesn’t even being to explain our love for Seattle shredders La Luz and their surf-rock jams. Since the huge success that followed their debut record It’s Alive, the girls have been on a whirlwind of tour dates, landing themselves on every must-see list imaginable (including ours). Do not miss a killer SXSW show by La Luz equipped with Soul Train lines, choreographed dance moves and crowd-surfing. Lead singer, Shana Cleveland filled us in on their plans for taking on Austin this week plus we got the inside scoop on how to join the La Luz girl gang. Count us in.

Galore - La Luz - Shana Cleveland - SXSW 2015 - Hardly Art Records

We’re all about girl power and supporting other badass females – who are some ladies you’re rooting for at SXSW?
We’re stoked for the She Shreds showcases. Our buddy Fabi runs that magazine and they are throwing a bunch of parties and she’s got excellent taste.

What songs are on your mix for the long drive through Texas?
Takeshi Terauchi’s “Nippon Guitars” sounds perfect driving down long stretches of highway. Wendy Rene, Little Anne, Yanti Bersaudara, Del Shannon and Ty Segall. There’s this Halloween episode of Comedy Bang Bang with a freestyle rap battle between ghosts that we listen to obsessively.


What will be your first food pit-stop in Austin?
It’s usually tacos, breakfast or otherwise.

Name 3 acts you are hoping to catch this year at SXSW:
I always wanna see Guantanamo Baywatch. Man, we have been on the road so much I have no idea who is playing this festival. I just tried to look it up and it was just confusing. One thing is for sure: everyone should go see The Shivas. They’re playing like 12 times so it shouldn’t be hard to catch them.

What’s your dream festival line-up?
Burgerama gets pretty close! Honestly a bunch of dead people popped into my mind first, but I’ll do one with bands that still exist. Shannon and the Clams, Will Sprott, Thee Satisfaction, Ty Segall, The Entrance Band, Micheal Hurley, The Shivas, Habibi, The Growlers, Guantanamo Baywatch and Rose Windows.

Galore - La Luz -  Shana Cleveland - SXSW 2015 - Burgerama

What’s the best way to party with La Luz? How can one infiltrate your girl gang?
Bring snacks.

*Also be sure to check out Shana’s newest project: Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles*

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