SXSW 2015 Women To Watch

Who run SXSW? Girls. Who run the world? Girls. Seriously though, this year SXSW belongs to the ladies. It’s been an exciting time in music seeing so many women at the forefront, inspiring and empowering girls everywhere. This is the kind of stuff we live for. Whether you’re partying hard in Austin this week or just looking for a new favorite band, here are the SXSW 2015 must-see acts from the most badass band babes around.

Galore - Chastity Belt - Women To Watch - SXSW 2015

1. Chastity Belt
Seattle just keeps bringing us new girl crushes, this time Chastity Belt. We can’t wait to hear them perform the amazing, girl-power songs from their stand-out new record Time To Go Home.

2. Hinds
You can’t miss the current queens of garage rock at SXSW. Also, check out our interview with the Spain band babes.

3. Gal Pals
Velvet Rut is our current album obsession and SXSW is the perfect time to join this girl gang.

4. Tei Shi
If you’re following all that pre-SXSW buzz, you already know that Tei Shi is not an act to miss. We have been crushing even harder on Tei Shi since our exclusive interview last month.

5. Courtney Barnett
The perfect time to catch new killer songs from Australia’s most talented lady, Courtney Barnett.

6. Honeyblood
The UK duo have us hooked with their bittersweet, and always addicting, garage-rock songs. These girls are truly killing it.

7. Girlpool
We’re pretty sure Harmony and Cleo are on every one one of our “must-see” lists but we don’t give a damn. When they stop making amazing songs that make us want to celebrate girl power, then maybe we’ll reconsider (doubt it).

8. Torres
Torres is set to blow everyone away this year with her devastatingly beautiful record Sprinter. Be prepared to get goosebumps when you hear her voice…you have been warned.

Learn more about Mackenzie (like her true love for Kate Bush and New York City) in our recent interview!

9. La Luz
These girls have been our favorites since their rad surf-rock debut, It’s Alive, in 2013. These Seattle darlings have nailed their live performances equipped with crowd-surfing and Soul Train dance lines.

10. Melanie Martinez
Former contestant for The Voice, currently touring her debut record Dollhouse, and is the fresh face of pop music. We adore Mel and would go on another another candy date any time she wants.

(Check out our exclusive photos and interview with Melanie Martinez.)

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