‘Switched At Birth’ Actress Vanessa Marano Teaches Us How To Get Beach Waves

It feels like more than a million products have been invented to make your hair look like you just spent the morning surfing some waves. More often than not, these products fail to deliver the Little Mermaid magic they promise. Instead of wasting your precious time and beauty budget, get the look, straight from Switched At Birth‘s Vanessa Marano. The ABC star never fails at giving us hair envy. So what’s her secret?

TEXTURE: Vanessa’s been blessed with a naturally wavy head of hair, and like most curly girls, her main concern is stopping her curls from puffing up into a frizzy fro. “To keep it controlled, I let it dry in a braid. I rarely blow dry!”

STYLE: Because of her texture, she always works the messy bedhead look. Leave the smooth hair to the experts—or the girls who are willing to risk split ends.

HUMIDITY: Hairspray is your goddess: “Fighting with the humidity and heat is a constant battle.”

LAZY DAYS: And if all else fails, she chucks her locks into a high ponytail and calls it a day.

Photo by Kalie Johnston

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